Mar 31, 2014

Danny D -N- DJ Wiz - Big Butts & Bass

Bassland Records

A fun cover for a hard to find CD.
  I can't say I really like all 12 tracks on this release because some sound a little... well... I don't know whatchamacallit...  just listen

See? But this is a great party track in true Miami style; "Your girlfriend's a freak"!

If you feel like listening to some more Danny D & DJ Wiz take a look HERE. And if you don't feel like listening to some more Danny D & DJ Wiz then you don't take a look HERE. Isn't that easy???

Mar 28, 2014

Bass M.D. - Bass Crazy

Warning: this bass will make you insane

I don't know about that but it's not a bad cd though at all... take a listen:

Produced by DJ Remixx, wonder if he released other bass material... let me know if YOU know ok?

Now the cover says "Free 'Bass Crazy' poster" but the poster is not included in the cd (could have imagined ofcourse). Wish I could have ordered it back in the day, but then again international shipping used to be a no no...

Mar 24, 2014

Power Supply - Bass Boom Bottom

We down prod

I don't think this cd needs any introduction or explanation so we'll just leave it with the cover, designed by Greg Allore of Permanent Stain Hollywood, Fla.

Mar 23, 2014

ShortBaby - Basscapades

The misadventures of ShortBaby

in the land of knock-bottom

I know one thing: with a cover like this, designed by Pen & Pixel Graphics, you would expect one hell of a bass CD to go with it. But it fails woefully! If I had to choose, the only track worth bumping (IMO ofcourse!) is the instrumental "Sh O.R.T. in da mix" (which only lasts 1:21 min!)

Maybe that's why they had to put more effort in the packaging.

So according to the free decal they added, these are the "blow up singles":

Sorry I'm just not feeling it. The beats are OK so I guess it's just the guy's voice that bothers me.
Well, it's a "Con Artist" recording anyhow! Get it?

(PS, more basscapades can be found HERE)

Mar 15, 2014

D.J. Trans - Quad Central

This album contains no scratching by D.J. Trans;


"but if you still think you can get with me, wait till the next one."

Another great cover by Alrick Creations who also did C.C. Lemonhead's. Attitude Records ATTD-14011...

Mar 9, 2014

Bass Mekanik - Bass Trap

Pump the power!

It's always an exciting time for us bassheads when the Bass Mekanik drops a new album!! This time he's going for the trap sound, but as a veteran bass producer there's no doubt about it he crosses all styles and just gives us another booming bass album!!

This is the title track which really goes for the trap sound ofcourse...

But this one right here is like the follow up to "I rock bass" and has more of a dubstep influence imo...

A crunk bomb...

And some of that real BASS only the Mekanik can drop...

In other words: just go to the tunes thing HERE or to bandcamp for the mp3 or lossless versions and GET IT, OK? You won't regret it, you have my guarantee...

I also heard from the Bass Mekanik himself that a highly limited cd edition will be released soon! Can't wait for that one. I will keep you posted as soon as I find out more!


The limited cd edition HAS been released. It was for sale at the Bass Mekanik booth at SBN 2014!

Hope you can find a way to get your hands on one just like I did!

Mar 3, 2014

C.C. Lemonhead - Bass To Another Level

Made with real lemon bass

Another great cover from another great bass cd! This is a classic Attitude Records release (ATTD-140008) produced entirely by C.C. Lemonhead. Featured artists are The 69 Boyz, Disco and the City Boy DJ's, K-Knock and The Frat Boyz. So we get some party tracks...

... and booming bass tracks

The art and cover illustration are done by Alric Coins at Alric's Creations.

Check out this nice promo poster measuring about 25 by 18 inches...