Apr 12, 2021

Licence To Bass

 James Bass Is Gonna Get Ya!


This is an interesting German bass CD produced at the "ET-Tonstudio". You might have heard the name before but dont get confused! We are not talking about "LicenSe To Bass", the Todd Walker classic on IBP but about "LicenCe To Bass". It's in the details essay!!!




So while "License To Bass" followed the adventures of Bass Bond, "Licence To Bass" tells us about James Bass. Listen :



The album is not as sample-filled as "Licence" but there are some funky tracks here with deep basslines guaranteed to move your speakers!


Funky right? Check it, this one goes even deeper.............





Are you curious now about JB's other adventures?? Visit my YouTube channel and you'll be sure to find some more!



Apr 11, 2021

Boom Da Bass

Demonstration CD for Eclipse Sound System

2 Cool Streetbeat / Pandisc CD's made exclusively for Fujitsu Ten Limited, Japan! Musically nothing mindblowing for the experienced bass lover but rare collectibles for the experienced bass collector for sure. Good luck!