Oct 31, 2011

Dynamix II - Electro Megamix

Intelligent BASS! presents

This is the Japanese version of Dynamix II's electro megamix originally released on Joey Boy records. It came with a fold out mini poster in the Intelligent BASS! series.

Japanese cd's always give you value for money.

Here's the first 3 tracks of the cd.

If u don't like the mix u can try looking for the 4 x 12" set released on the UK's Rephlex label!

Oct 27, 2011

The Bass That Ate Miami

I know, I know, you have all seen this one before but I just HAD to post it again. I think this is the most classicest (does that word exist??) bass cover ever created! Can you ever get enough of it? Top work by Lamar Johnson! So here it goes, enjoy it again or move on ...

Here's the cd bonus track
Track nr 7
Sonarphonics - We're gonna get ya

(I know, I'm addicted)

Oct 24, 2011

Mega Jon Bass - Planet Bass

featuring ICEMAN 'J'

Unfortunately I don't own the cd but I'm posting it anyhow because the cover is incredibly dope and the tracks are like the definition of how I like my bass

01. Go head Mega Jon

11.Kick it over here

Oh yeah, if you have a copy laying around and you want to get rid of it ? EMAIL!


UPDATE 17/06/2013

I finally got my hands on a copy! Thanks "Brand Xaudio"!

Oct 21, 2011

Bass In Your Face Vol. 7

HIP ROCK in the house

Selected tracks from 2 Hip Rock albums, Afro-Rican's "Give it all you got 95" and THIS ONE by Get Some Crew

04. Get Some Crew - Get loose / Oh my god

07. Afro-Rican - Make that booty jump

This might be an interesting read (if you know the language, hahaha)

 There's some more rollercoster overHERE

Oct 19, 2011

Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 1

Bomb the bass has attacked  ??

When I bought this CD I didn't expect too much good of it but it turned out to be quite manageable. It's not bass in the way we would like it to be but it has these remakes of radiofriendly funky songs on it with bass added in the mix ;-) BUT, in the end they started bringing on Y.M.C.A. & shit and THEN I really had enought of it !

Take a listen for yourself :

And ??

Oct 15, 2011

Cover Wars Part 3 - Bass Erotica vs Bass Erotica

Bass Erotica - Bass ecstacy

09. Bass after dark


Bass Yarou - Bass erotica 3

Well, maybe it's not really a cover war, but the friendly people over at Bad News Records found Bass Erotica not to be erotic enough, so they added a little something in the mix to heat it up some more. Take a listen ...

05. Bass after dark featuring Melon

I'll give you another sample, here is track 11, Bass vibration by Bass Metropolis featuring Arisa Riri

And if you want to find out who is supplying those nice vocals, take a look at this PDF right HERE (only if you're over 16 that is, LOL)

And the winner is ... 

Well, I'll let you decide this time. But after hearing all of this, I hope you didn't have a 

By the way

did anybody here ever join the Bass Nation back in the day ??

Oct 14, 2011

Teckno Master "DL" - Droppin' Bass

Beware because this cd was made for WOLFERS !!

Nice old school cd, not the most incredible cover but it's always fun showcasing a longbox edition, right ?

Here's tracks 4 and 6

Computer love

Break down

Check out some more tracks overHERE

Oct 11, 2011

The Best Of IBP

Front covers of all 4 volumes, CLASSIC material, but I have a feeling you already knew that !

Vol. 1 on YouTube:

PS : I really like the artwork of Vol. IV, nice colors ...

Oct 7, 2011

Bass Cube 2

The cube is bass ...

Some fun covers from Bass Cube 2, which contains the classic track "Now the bass"

Bass is power ...

and the hitsingle "Bad bass music" featuring 2 BMF

Power is the cube

 You can check out other tracks from the cd single HERE

Oct 4, 2011

Ikura Presents Bass War I

Not the one from Miami but the one from Japan ...

This is the bassiest song I could find on this cd :

07. D. Flex & Taz - Hit em and stick em

The rest of the cd are hip hop tracks.

10. B-Bandj & Nice - Blast

Bass of 4-Sight

Drop bass !!!

So many incredible songs on this one, I should have picked all 14 for preview :-)

01. MC A.D.E. - Sex, crime, drugs

10. Byron Davis and the Fresh Krew - Now dance