Nov 11, 2016

Cover Wars Part 8 - Bass Construction VS Recone Kit

Who can work it best??

Bass Construction?

Ofcourse we all now Albert Cabrera, the One Rascal from the Latin Rascals, knows how to work his beats. And we have seen many times that he knows how to drop the bass! The Bass Construction cd (with artwork design by Lonnie Lopez & Ric Garcia, and released on Thump Records) has a lot of breakbeat heavy tracks on it! The pace really picks up as from track 7: Smerphies dance...

and you might go into a breakdance frenzy with trakcs 8 and 9...


Recone Kit?

The faceless Italian Debonaire gives us more loop theft and speaker damage on this release! With 15 tracks this cd (with cover design and graphics by Coral Reef Design) is actually NO joke, because Debonaire is armed with a sampler and dangerous...

and the bass he creates is so wicked,

you will be left with busted out woofers...

and some assembly will be required.

Hence the Recone Kit!

So? Who's the winner?? 

I think i will go for...

Bass Foundation


With artwork by Vivian Galainena for Alto Design.
Bass demolition instead of bass construction; much more fun isn't it?


Sep 30, 2016

Bass Mekanik Vision Fund

Friends, The Bass Mekanik needs help.

That's right! I'm sure many of you grew up listening to the man's music, or used his music to compete, or to show off your system. Or you just enjoyed listening to his music, whatever. Now the man needs your help! Please read this carefully and help out if you can. If you can't, please help spread the message, maybe you reach somebody who can!

The message from Bass Mekanik's gofundme page:

The Bass Mekanik needs help.
I need surgery as a last ditch option to save whats left of my eyesight.
I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t desperately urgent, but it is.
I suffer from a severe form of Glaucoma which has progressed over time to the point that if it can’t be stopped soon I will be blind.
The surgery is $11,000 and not a 100% guarantee, but it’s the only option and my only chance of retaining some workable vision.
I’ve enjoyed great support from the fans over the years and if you’ve ever purchased any Bass Mekanik music I give you my heartfelt thanks, but the music biz is not what it used to be in terms of dollars anymore.
These days I and the crew here at Bass Mekanik Records are mostly in it for the love of Bass, not for the money.
So if you can help I sincerely appreciate it.
Thanks, and keep Boomin!!!
Bass Mekanik  

 HERE is the link to the gofundme page.

Aug 27, 2016

The Bass Challenger - Bass Check

The ultimate audio challenge

Well, they did not lie. You get exactly THAT. A bass check. Or better yet, bass checkS (not the ones in the mail!). There are 22 tracks on this release produced by Jaime Rothstein, and only a handfull have beats in them... When I first listened to this cd I just kept waiting and waiting; "yeah, drop that beat!"... nothing, took a good 6 minutes.

Check it out:


 The cover design was done by Jeff Morgan.

Aug 22, 2016

The Miami Bass Express - The Express Replica

Another great set of artwork!

By the one and only Lamar Johnson ofcourse! 

This time he created a handmade cardboard replica of The Miami Bass Express. 

Don't forget, if you would be interested in buying one of these, or anything else that comes to mind, don't hesitate to contact Lamar on facebook @ or via his page Cardboard Creations

Aug 2, 2016

Miami Dance Freestyle

Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

That's right; I got myself some more Ex-It releases.
That's right; they are not bass releases, but there is music from Miami on it. Fair enough?
That's right; you can check them out for yourself on YouTube:

That's right; you can also get these releases HERE and HERE so you can listen to them in your whatever.

Jul 4, 2016


2 Down - 1 To go

So as you might have read in THIS post, I was still looking for the IBP releases 3 and 5 to complete my collection. Now to be honest, what I didn't realize for all these years is that Dexter Wright's release "Boomtown city limits" actually IS the 3rd release. That's because on the side it is baldly written IBP-0009, but when you look at the barcode it says "30003"! Take a look:

Haha; right in front of me for years... now I wonder if there is a release with IBP-0003 on the side... If you have it, please let me know ;-)

Jul 3, 2016

Monster DB's - Volume: 1

Car system work out

This is another Ex-It Records release. Must have come out right before "D.B. Heaven", being this is a 45 Magnum, euhm I mean, being this is Ex-It 1018 and D.B. Heaven was Ex-It 1019.

The idea is the same though; "Great Trax's to create your own rap and rap along"...

"Trax's" ?? What are those??


Jun 20, 2016


1 Down - 2 To go

For a few years now, me, and other collectors have been wanting to find out which are the unknown IBP releases 3, 5 and 10. 

So finally, thanks to Discogs and a friendly seller from Sweden, I finally got my hands on IBP-0010. Unfortunately for "all of us", IBP-0010 is exactly the same as IBP-0011, which is "The best of I.B.P."... Only difference is the barcode and the cd color. Check the pics; # 10 on top, # 11 at bottom...

Still I'm very pleased with this find. Now it's just # 3 and # 5 to go. If you are reading this and you have one of those 2, please hit me up will ya?

Jun 18, 2016

dB Heaven

Car Hi-Fi Demo


Here we have a cd with "rap along" kinda beats. This could be like the "Beats, breaks & scratches" of bass. A lot of samples here. How many do YOU recognize?

Like? This album was released on Ex-It Records. You can find the other tracks on my YouTube channel right HERE.

Jun 7, 2016

Bass Quake


Some time ago I bought this Neurodisc release in an effort to complete my collection but when it arrived I was a little disappointed. OK, "normal" people would not be because it arrived in great condition and all but upon closer look I realised it was a reprint, from the time Neurodisc was distributed by Priority Records. So you gotta look for the CD-31003 (3rd album release on the label) and not the P2-50614 (clearly a Priority Records number).

I thought I'd let you know, so you don't get fooled when you're buying online...

The Priority cover is a single paper while the original one is double:

  • Neurodisc:


  • Priority

Back cover difference:

  • Priority

  • Neurodisc

And the cd's; Neurodisc and Priority


But the music is the same on both releases

May 28, 2016

Miami Bass Chronicles with DJ Magic Mike


This is a great radio show I would like to focus your attention on! Once a month none other than DJ Magic Mike opens his vaults to give us an exclusive megamix of Miami bass. What is even better is that even if you happen to miss the live show, the mixes can still be listened to on the rbmaradio page. If I was you I would go and take a look because they are HOT and booming! We are talking about the master at work here...

Here's the link:

Bass 2000 - Mission 1

Elevator bass


That's how I always think of this kind of bass. Now I don't mean this in a negative way, because I play this style A LOT myself, especially when in my car. But there is something about it, I don't know, you can play the songs a hundred times and it's like you can just keep playing them. Not because they are SO great, but because you also don't really get tired of them, just like elevator music, but with a lot of bass added! It just keeps playing while your mind is busy with other things...

Hear what I mean? Easy listening...

Sometimes a little more uptempo ofcourse...

So tracks 1 thru 12 are written, produced, arranged and orchestrated by Robert Bartko and Ivan Kopas under a variety of aliases like Bass Enigma, Bass Unlimited, Bass Addiction, Bass Factory 808, Bass Transmission and Bass Apocalypse.

The remaining 4 tracks are bonus remixes like Bass Mekanik's "Feel the music" competition mix and Bass Trip's "Ozone" trip hop bass mix...

And the artwork? Hahaaa... do you see it?? Ofcourse: Deryck Ragoonan for ImagExpress, Miami, Fl.!

D.J. Fury - Competition Bass ("PayPlay.FM edition")

Who remembers?

I know I already posted this cover somewhere in 2012, but the reason I'm posting it again is the following; so while going through my files I found the digital version of this release. And the folder included a pdf file with printable covers from the old PayPlay.FM site! I thought this could be interesting to share with you, my loyal followers... 

Check it out:

Unfortunately they don't supply covers anymore on their website, but if you're interested in these ones, you can GET THEM HERE.

Mar 21, 2016

Bass Yarou - Erotica

You try it!!

Try and make the cover uncensored! Doesn't look to hard imo, but I have to hand it to Hajime Kobayashi (you know, the Bad News Records art director and designer); he really got creative on this one.

So what we have here is the first volume in the Bass Yarou 'Erotica' series. Actually what we hear on this disc is the complete Bass Erotica release "Erotic bass delight", originally released on Neurodisc records...

and 3 added tracks with the kind of vocals Bass Yarou 'Erotica' would become known for. There are no extra vocals on the Bass Erotica tracks so I will only post the 3 added tracks. Enjoy!


Now it is time to meet the lovely ladies with the awesome vocal capabilities! I'm sure they made it very far in the, ...uhm, ..."business"?


Mar 13, 2016

Bass Mekanik - Jazz

When Bass meets Jazz

This is what you get; another outstanding production by the one and only Bass Mekanik! Yes, it's jazz, but the Mekanik made sure there is enough boom dropped in the mix for your speakers... Yes, it's jazz, but you still hear that sound only the Mekanik can provide. The songs never get repetitive and the music just keeps bringing new elements... You know what, just check it out yourself, you won't be disappointed...


Feb 27, 2016

Bass FM 69.98

Non stop mixed by DJ Nasty Knock and Lisagaye

Well, mixed? DJ Nasty Knock produced some great bass tracks but he doesn't appear to be the greatest dj (hmmm... but he is supposed to be "DJ" Nasty Knock isn't he?) Listen to the "mix" for yourself:

What do you think? Good beatmixing? As you might have heard this is a compilation of Street Street Music releases. 

Nothing exclusive here except for the interludes, done by Nasty Knock himself and Lisagaye Tomlinson, who is a back-up singer on some of the Nasty Knock tracks.

Now I still don't know how to  read Japanese but I think this cd might have been conceived or sponsored by the people over at Shibuya FM 78.4 MHz (which seems to be broadcasting no longer), in conjunction with Alpha Enterprise co. ltd.

And just like the other Alpha Enterprise/Street Street Music releases the cover illustration was done by Kazunori Okuyama.


Feb 20, 2016

Bass Ya Low 7

Also known as BASS野郎(7)

21 Songs selected from the 3 volumes of Bass Patrol Angels. The original albums had 35 tracks altogether so I'll leave it up to you to decipher which ones they chose;

Here's the tracklist:

And here are the volumes:

The remaining 6 tracks are skits. I've compiled them here for your listening pleasure:

And speaking of covers: the cover illustration was done by Illdozer.

Till we meet again friends, but don't forget to BASS YAROU!!!!