Dec 25, 2017

Bass Christmas

For the bass lovers only!

That's right y'all! December 25th is the day of the ride!!


What we have here is a Japanese compilation of 20 assorted bass tracks. The Christmas vibes were taken from the Dynamix II Christmas compilation. Credited here to Cosmic Conspiracy, I don't know whether the names were changed to protect the innocent or to avoid copyright claims...

Same thing with Mega Jon Bass, who is credited here ass Planet Bass, which is the name of the album this song was taken from. 


Knight of Bass is the Newtown recording artist Knigths of Bass 


Mudd Blunted?


Dec 23, 2017

Luke's Freak Fest 2000

The Movie & Soundtrack Sampler

Another VHS tape y'all! This is a rare item and acually pretty x-rated so I don't know how long the YouTube link will be up!

Enjoy while it lasts!!


Dec 19, 2017

Joey Boy's Bass Check Volume One



This is a rare VHS tape right here! Now ofcourse all the clips on this tape can be seen separately on YouTube already, but for the completists amongst you, I present to you:

the integral version of BASS CHECK VOLUME ONE

Dec 17, 2017

T-Dawg - Want bass?

Yes? Then "It's yourz"...

I am well aware this is not the best material for a covers blog (alhtough, if the cover had been created minimalistic on purpose and not for monetary reasons one would look at it differently...), but I think you guys will appreciate the rareness of this release none the less. A local demo album from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 
For promotional use only.


Aug 21, 2017

D.J. Magic Mike - This Is How It Should Be Done!!!

Longbox edition

I'm very sure this album needs no introduction or whatever, but I just wanted to showcase this rare longbox. I was very pleased to be able to buy this one, and I am very pleased to present the album to you on YouTube:

So many classic tracks featured!

Yep, we all know how DJ Fury replied to this one!!

(Oh! You didn't know? I'll show you in the next post then!)


Apr 17, 2017

Bass In Your Face Vol. 11 - Quad Funk Riders

And another one...

Yeah this is a cool series...  A variety of bass tracks from various label releases can be found here.

These are the songs that were not on YouTube already:

Apr 1, 2017

Bass Spin Vol. 5


Maybe it is best, because the music acutally kinda sucks! As for the artwork and all, I have no idea who did what because the whole thing is in Japanese. Anyhow, here's the album on YouTube. Good luck!


Yep, that's Bass Spin for you. I hope you enjoyed it!

Mar 12, 2017

Bass In Your Face Vol. 13 - Quad Funk All Stars

Custompaint high jumper?


Another nice jewelcase release in the Bass In Your Face series. Make sure you don't drop it because it can't be replaced so easily...

13 Tracks that should be funky on this one. Check 'em out on YouTube:


Mar 5, 2017

Bass Zeppelin - Stairway To Bass Heaven

How many more times...

... will I post horrible CD's like this? I don't know my friends, but I do know that this album sucks balls!  Maybe it could be an interesting listen if you're a Led Zeppelin fan? But I already don't like hard rock music, and I definitely don't like horrible "bass" covers. I say "bass" because this release does not have the kind of BOOM we all like, but rather "live analog mega bass" by none other than our beloved friend Camagisaw Man.

Check the title track:

Or how about Led Zeppelin's classic "Whole lotta love"?

Or "Black dog", which at least has a Miami bass like beat to it...

You like? Cool! Then it's your lucky day! There's more RIGHT HERE on my YouTube channel!
And what about that Bass Queen album? Another certified hit in the hard rock bass series. Next up: Bass Purple - Miami black night. Follow for now!

The visual producer was MASH, the design was done by Shingo Ueki and Masatoshi Ebisawa, photography by Masashige Ogata, and last but not least, the lovely model was Mei Inaba!