Aug 27, 2016

The Bass Challenger - Bass Check

The ultimate audio challenge

Well, they did not lie. You get exactly THAT. A bass check. Or better yet, bass checkS (not the ones in the mail!). There are 22 tracks on this release produced by Jaime Rothstein, and only a handfull have beats in them... When I first listened to this cd I just kept waiting and waiting; "yeah, drop that beat!"... nothing, took a good 6 minutes.

Check it out:


 The cover design was done by Jeff Morgan.

Aug 22, 2016

The Miami Bass Express - The Express Replica

Another great set of artwork!

By the one and only Lamar Johnson ofcourse! 

This time he created a handmade cardboard replica of The Miami Bass Express. 

Don't forget, if you would be interested in buying one of these, or anything else that comes to mind, don't hesitate to contact Lamar on facebook @ or via his page Cardboard Creations

Aug 2, 2016

Miami Dance Freestyle

Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

That's right; I got myself some more Ex-It releases.
That's right; they are not bass releases, but there is music from Miami on it. Fair enough?
That's right; you can check them out for yourself on YouTube:

That's right; you can also get these releases HERE and HERE so you can listen to them in your whatever.