May 24, 2014

Bass Alert

This is an "enhanced cd!"

I'm sure it is but unfortunately the modern day computer (or is it the dvd/cd player?) can't play the Audio Plus enhanced part anymore! Take a look at all the things I'm missing here:

I'm sure I'm meeting up  to the minimum system requirements:

I don't know man, but at least I can still listen to the great bass music, and that's the most important...  DJ Spin,  Fresh Kid Ice, Fat Daddy, Disco Rick, they're all here!

May 15, 2014

Bass Tribe - Jungle Bass

Dedicated to Boris Katunov - The one and only

The year was 1995 and Drum and Bass and jungle music was sweeping the nations... so the Miami guys had to join the party ofcourse. Bass Tribe consists of Neil "Beat Dominator" Case, Keith "Mr Bassman" Rosenberg & "the mighty but anonymous Bass Automator" (which is DJ Billy E)...

I'm sure you heard this song before?

For those who didn't get it yet...

Cover design was done by Gerard Delaney & Sergio Pinon of AdImpact, Inc.

Oh, and don't forget:

May 10, 2014

Bass Box - House Of Bass


...Records release. OK, cute cover designed by DRAGO artistic designs, inc., but I'll be very honest with you: the music on this CD (written, produced and engineerd by Professor Boom) kinda S.U.X.!

Tracks 8, 9 and 10 are wrongly printed on the cover, or wrongly burned on the cd. Track 8 is actually "Piano bass", 9 is "Acid bass" and 10 is "Underground bass". I made my YouTube playlist according to the tracklist on the cover...

As in the Biz' words; "Bye bye"!

May 4, 2014

Maggotron - Purple Planet Rock

Most of these beats aren't played in the club (unfortunately)

Need I say something? 

Go to and BUY!

Or Spotify and STREAM!

Websites enough, it's all good for these guys, as long as you don't PIRATE!!