Nov 24, 2021

Disco Bass
















I always wondered what this album would sound like. Now that I finally found a copy I will share it with you. But before I do that, here's what the producers had to say about their album:

"With the hit promising top production from the United Sound label you will experience the ultimate bass trip with extra class. Subfrequencys up to 15Hz ensure a maximum capacity of heavy subwoofer sound, giving a bone hard kick bass putting those door boards heavily under pressure. Especially the wider frequency spectrum does also uncomprimising justice to the high and middle tone reproductions. There is no other high quality alternative to impressively prove the power of your car hifi system." 


Sounds promising right?? Well they're not lying, I did hear lots of subbass in the background. On the foreground though the music is exactly what was to be expected I guess. Track 8 is a prime example. 




 This one's also smooth...




United Sound Bass CDs made and produced in Germany! 



But it's not all disco. There is also a little funk on the CD. This one here has an S.O.S. Band vibe to it. Check it out!




Oh yeah! Are you on the dancefloor already?? Search my YouTube channel for more Disco Bass! All 10 tracks have been uploaded. 



Nov 1, 2021

Black Bass Sound

 So confusing...


Looking at the tracklist one expects to hear tracks from "DJ Drumn", "DJ Bobby", "DJ Woofer", "DJ Sam" and so on, who ever they might be...













But when I actually played the CD, I started hearing Mega Jon Bass, the Drop-Top DJs, Cyber Messiah, all completely different artists! So I checked the CD, maybe it was misplaced, but the CD matches the rest of the artwork. And it also has 14 tracks on it. What could be wrong?




Oh yeah, forgot to mention: this is a Brazilian bootleg. That explains it I guess. Change the artists names so you don't get hit with a lawsuit? LOL.

I will let you experience just what I experienced. Download the album  


and enjoy the surprises coming at you.

Have fun and see you later...



For those of you that are not following Maggotron on facebook, I
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