Sep 29, 2014

Boom Da Bass - Into The Techno Bass

Bass Junky Only!

This is a StreetBeat Records release "Made in the U.S.A. exclusively for FUJITSU TEN LIMITED". A demonstration CD for their "Eclipse" line of car audio which was directed to the American market. They still have a website for "Eclipse" but they don't seem to sell any booming items anymore...
The CD itself is not bad at all ofcourse, how could it be, all tracks are taken from Pandisc and Streetbeat releases, but there's nothing new under the sun... see?

I only uploaded the 2 Bass Trip tracks to YouTube because all the other ones were already there.

Sep 27, 2014

Terra Infirma

"Solid earth"

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Terra firma is a Latin phrase meaning "solid earth" (from terra, meaning "earth", and firma, meaning "solid"). The phrase refers to the dry land mass on the earth's surface and is used to differentiate from the sea or air.

I have no idea what that has to do with this cd, thought I'd just let you know. So I bought this cd because it's one of the last remaining Joey Boy Records releases in my collection. When I started listening I was like; "Fuck, waste of money"...

But then luckily later on the music became better and I started wondering if these are the same people who are behind a lot of the Neurodisc releases. This track could easily be on, let's just say, a Bass Hit CD. Take a listen:


Or this sounds like something from "Bass Erotica"

Yeah, in the end, not bad at all...


So I'll leave you with "Club Disco"...

and the opportunity to listen to the whole shabang yourselves...

Sep 14, 2014

Bass Patrol! 2001

2001: a bass patrol!

Dope cd right here! I think this is the last release in the Bass Patrol! series but they closed with a bang; 21 minus 1 songs produced by none other than Claudio "Debonaire" Barrella! Don't know why they added 1 none-Debonaire produced track... not that I'm complaining because it's actually a good track:


And now for the Debonaire tracks, exclusive for this release I think! We start off with a bass bomb!

A good amount of booty bass:


And what's also interesting is that there's a bunch of tracks that were previously released by Debonaire on IBP records but the names have been changed (probably to protect the innocent...)

Recognize this one? "Subsonic device" by "King Of Loud":

Exactly, that's "Son of Circuit Breaker" from the IBP release "Warning: Shock Hazard" by Circuit Breaker. Here's another one from that cd, originally called "Electricityyy", now renamed "Viagra Bass - Odyssey drop"...

Can you guess  this one??? (yeah it's a hard one...)

Sep 11, 2014

Bass Sonic Vol. 02 - Super Action Mega Bass!

More horror!


Well not really "Horror" as is music from horror movies, like they put on Bass Sonic Vol. 05, but as in "Horror"-ble music like they put on Bass Sonic Vol. 01. Then again it COULD have been "Horror" because on this Vol. 02 they put music from movie soundtracks. If you're interested in rare versions of film themes this might be something for you, if you're not then I suggest you just "fuggetaboutit"...

Batman anybody?

Shaft then?

OK, this one is not THAT bad. "Eye of the tiger" from the Rocky soundtrack. Sounds a little like an early 90's UK rave jam (a little I said)...

Which movie is this from?? I have no idea...

Emma Katoh did her thing on the design again...

but I don't know if I should risk buying Vol. 03, "Midnight adult mega bass!", hmmmm...


Sep 10, 2014

Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 3 - Special Issue "Soft"

Mixed by DJ Magic Mike

...again. I already posted Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 2 before (I also posted Vol.1 as a matter of fact but that one was not mixed by DJ Magic Mike) and as you can see that was Special Issue "HARD" while this one is "SOFT"... "What is that all about?" you ask... Well, it is true that on Vol. 2 we got some hard bass tracks like "Get some"

and "Hit it" (Just to name 2)

but on this release, Vol.3, it's all R&Bass and, yes, wait for it; "soft" stuff ^^


See? Good thing there is still the Magic Mike "cut" (pun intended) to give the people what they want...

Check this out; so inside the booklet they have all the lyrics printed but look at the Magic Mike track!
"No lyric. Just noise, scratch, talking..." Noise? NOISE? C'mon son, I don't hear any noise! Maybe their speaker were rattling...

Still I really like these Japanese releases. Always nice artwork. The Dance Dragon Logo by the way was designed by Hibiki Tokiwa for Mars Art Lab.