Jul 28, 2012

Clay D - Out The Can

That booty in there

This is Clay D's second release on Pandisc Records, the first one being "We're goin' off
which was released as "Clay D & The New Get Funky Crew" in 1991.  
I remember being very excited about this release. I had already heard "That booty in there" 
on the Pandisc compilation "Booty bass";

and then I found a 12" by Clay D called "Forget your man, forget your girl" featuring Prince 

Rahiem. It wasn't my favorite jam but on the back of the cover it said "Taken from the album '

Out the can' (PD-8838)", so I was like "YES!". I had always been a big fan (like most of you 

reading this I'm sure) of the man's  Vision Records releases so this was definately something 

to look forward to... (At that time I didn't have "We're goin' off" yet either)

I have to be honest, it took me some years to finally get my hands on the cd! This was before 

the birth of eBay and even then, I wouldn't get an internet connection untill a good ten 

years later! 

When I finally found it I remember being rather disapointed. Not saying it's not a good 

album but it just doesn't have the vibe of his Vision releases imo... Maybe he should have 

concentrated more on making fun party tracks instead of writing x-rated raps?

Listening to the cd years later, track 5 becoms  interesting; "... they got a new thing down 

here called the lap dance..." Damn, time is really flying isn't it??

If you haven't heard the album yet, go HERE and check it out! Let me know what YOU 



Now what might be the most interesting about this album is the vinyl release! Are there 

different tracks on it? No. Remixes? No. What is it then? Well, take a look:

That's right! It's released in a gatefold sleeve. I agree it could have been nicer if they 

added some grafics or liner notes or something instead of leaving it plain old white like that

but nevertheless, to my knowledge, this is the first gatefold sleeve to be used for a Miami 

bass release ever, so THAT's history!

Jul 26, 2012

DJ Uncle Al - Go Ladies


Looking at this cd cover, it appears Al used to stay in good company!

19 Tracks here, all produced by Albert Moss and released by On Top Records 1995. With Uncle Al, we always get a taste of different Miami bass styles. Ofcourse the best tracks go a little something like this; signature sound!

04. Buck wild

More Miami style right here, talking 'bout "foot draggers", whatever those might be???

09. Foot draggin hoes

And it couldn't be a bass cd if there wasn't a little something something for them woofers, right?

10. Bass heads/11. Niggas with the quad (check 1)


14. Gunz down


I don't know man, I can post ALL tracks from this cd! OK, here's the last one, DJ Uncle Al doin' what he does best:

18. Uncle Al line

And if after ALL of that you STILL didn't get enough... click on the cd and you will receive!!

Jul 24, 2012

Pandisc - Ready For Radio! 2

Another selection of Pandisc hits, 7 in total, radio friendly ofcourse!

In the rare case you would have a problem with Youtube or you just refuse to look at it, then take a look overHERE

Jul 20, 2012

Vinyl Release

Preorders are open guys! You can choose between the vinyl or the vinyl with a set of exclusive MBH slipmats included!

Get yours over at http://www.miamibasshistory.com/shop/ or if you're on facebook check out http://www.facebook.com/MiamiBassHistory. Be fast, we're only pressing 100 copies!

Jul 10, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 19

Boom boom & go go bass!

I would like to thank my friend Baxim for getting my hands on this one! Another rare volume in the Bass Patrol! series...

Here we have a "booty side" and a "bounce side". As expected the booty side is a little better in my opinion, but that's a matter of taste ofcourse...

Let's see.

On the "booty side" for instance, we have Verb with "Shake it down":

and on the "bounce side" we have Creep Dog with "Nigga what":

And? Another one? OK!

"booty side" DJ Laz feat. Kinsu with "Let them hoes fight":

"bounce side", Mac'n Lomax with "Why?":

Decided? Not yet? This one will persuade you! From the "booty side"Crazy L'Eggs with "South side ride":

Was I right or what??? If you wanna hear some more tracks go to my YouTube channel right  HERE

Oh yeah, I wonder what this is about:

About the Pokemon bass probably....

Crusin' bass

If you feel like listening to the whole cd you can visit THIS SITE and enjoy the sounds!