Jan 23, 2016


Bass Yarou 4

Yeah man, that subwoofer has a well-fitted resonance-box... Here we have another cd in the Bass Yarou series, which, as you might have figured out by now, is known for the interesting covers. Funny thing about this one is that the original cover to the booklet is actually a yellow one:

The cartoon cover is an extra one page leaflet.

All of this nice artwork was created by Illdozer Graphuck and the tracks (23 in total) come from a variety of bass labels; Dynamix II Records (Quad Queen), Joey Boy Records (Lady Dice and Fresh Celeste), Newtown Records (Beat Oulaws, Bass Boy & Def Bass Krew) and IBP (Bass Fraternity). Not a bad compilation (although the Beat Outlaws tracks suck balls...)

Jan 19, 2016

D.J. Bass Syndicate Presents... Techno Bass Essentials


These are the tracks:

I seriously doubt it there is an actual "D.J. Bass Syndicate" out there who had anything to do with this cd. Just another DM Records compilation released with mandatory artwork from Deryck Ragoonanan to get more money in the DM bank account (hey, can we blame them?).

If you don't know about DM Records take a look around on YouTube. Otherwise let me know if you want to check out a particular song...

 Oh hell here is a song:


Jan 18, 2016

X-Treme Bass

File under electronic music

That might be the easiest yes. Because it's hard to tell; is it bass?

Is it rave?

Is it breakbeat?

Is it chill-out?

Is it trip hop?

Is it acid?

Well, whatever it is, it's all produced by Robert Bartko & Ivan Kopas and released by Neurodisc in 1998. Oh yeah!

Jan 11, 2016

BASS野郎 - Hard Core

Tari's having fun!

I say Tari because I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be the girl from Bass Shock's "Dungeon of Bass" cover; blond hair and same "clothes", but most of all the music on this Japanese release (in the Bass Yarou series I think) is exactly the same as on the original Neurodisc release. Peep the tracklistings:

Bass Hardcore:


Original Neurodisc release

As you can see this is another cool Japanese release. I really like the way they didn't just create a totally different cover but they continued to work on the original. Prime example of why I started this blog. Since it's a cartoon the artist (unfortunately I can't read Japanese so I don't know who he is) took the opportunity to let his imagination run free and make her a little more voluptuous I see. Also she doesn't appear to be in the dungeon itself but in some type of booming car. Maybe the dungeon's speaker was blown?? Have fun Tari and enjoy the music...

(If YOU want to listen to the music you can easily go here

Jan 5, 2016

Bass Shock - Dungeon Of Bass

Into the chamber...

Normally I was planning to use an even cooler cover to start the year, but for that originally planned post I needed a link to this cd cover, and it turned out I didn't post this cover yet, so in order for me to post the cooler cover I have to post this one first! Are you with me out there? I thought I already did post Bass Shock's  "Dungeon of Bass" (and I kinda did when I posted the Phillipine cassette release) but I didn't so here you have it; Bass Shock's "Dungeon of Bass".

Like all early Neurodisc releases the album is not bad at all, not bad at all. Lots of uptempo, ravy beats. All produced by Debbie Deneese & Jamie Swartz ofcourse.


Another nice art design & computer graphic by Luis Garcia for Luroga Design Miami Fl., with photography from Al Freddy and the lovely cover model is TARI!

OK. So far this first post of 2016. I bet you can't wait for the next one where you will find out why I had to post this cover first! Soon my friends, soon...

In the meantime, don't forget to...