Jan 23, 2016


Bass Yarou 4

Yeah man, that subwoofer has a well-fitted resonance-box... Here we have another cd in the Bass Yarou series, which, as you might have figured out by now, is known for the interesting covers. Funny thing about this one is that the original cover to the booklet is actually a yellow one:

The cartoon cover is an extra one page leaflet.

All of this nice artwork was created by Illdozer Graphuck and the tracks (23 in total) come from a variety of bass labels; Dynamix II Records (Quad Queen), Joey Boy Records (Lady Dice and Fresh Celeste), Newtown Records (Beat Oulaws, Bass Boy & Def Bass Krew) and IBP (Bass Fraternity). Not a bad compilation (although the Beat Outlaws tracks suck balls...)

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