Jun 29, 2013

Cover Wars Part 5 - Nightmare On Bass Street vs Nightmare On Bass Street

That would be



So what's the difference? ... "Just another reissue" you might say... But it's not. The first cover is from the 1993 Innovative Bass Productions release (better known as IBP). This was the first cd to be released on that classic label and was composed by none other than DJ Billy E. It contains 9 VERY bass heavy tracks with titles that leave nothing to the imagination, like "Ultimate Bass Scare", "Burnt Voice Coils" and "Fifty Thousand Watts". Listen to the opening track "In Control":


You can still buy this cd from IBP themselves by clicking THIS link.

The second cover on the other hand belongs to a 2009 digital only Bass Mekanik Records release. It has the same title, was also produced by DJ Billy E, but this one has 11 tracks and is not just a reissue. The 11 tracks are compiled from all Billy E's IBP releases, being "Nightmare On Bass Street" 1 and 2, "Toxic Bass", "The Bass Is Out There" and "Bass Electronica". Interesting that they didn't mention those last 2 cd's in their promo text...

DJ BILLY E is one of Bass music’s original pioneers. Back in the early days of bass, before he actually became well known as DJ BILLY E, he released three very influential but now hard to find albums, NIGHTMARE ON BASS STREET 1 & 2 and TOXIC BASS. Now available for the first time in digital download format are the best of these three albums in a new 2 album release; NIGHTMARE ON BASS STREET PARTS 1 & 2. Make no mistake, this is pure old school Bass, raw and in your face, with no apologies and a must have for the true Bass fan. Key tracks are BREAK IT DOWN, NOW HEAR DIS and DRUMS & RHYTHM.

They did the same thing for "Nightmare On Bass Street II - He's back", which was originally released on the IBP label in 1994 (IBP0006) with 14 tracks.

And later released digital only on Bass Mekanik Records as a DJ Billy E compilation.

I don't think there are any winners here, since they are all booming, so I suggest you just get all of them...

(bassmekanik.com releases are custom made)

dB Jams Volume 5

The official dB Drag Racing competition disc

"In a nutshell, dB Drag Racing is a contest where competitors compete against one another in an effort to see who has the loudest car stereo system. Our rules are simple and the judging format is objective. What sets dB Drag Racing apart from other SPL based contests is our head-to-head bracket style elimination format. For the first time ever, a sound-off competition is actually fun to watch; This is one of the primary factors behind dB Drag Racing's skyrocketing popularity."

So know you know...

This is a Pandisc release you don't see very often. As usual on these dB Jams cd's there are not to many music tracks. Here we get 7 of  'em, the rest are test tracks...

But the good thing is, out of those 7 tracks, 2 are exclusive to this cd only (as far as I know). They are a medley from DJ Laz's "XXX Breaks" release, and a medley from the Badd Ass Sound System. Check out the Miami Bass History Youtube channel:

Also, if you're into Sweeps, Sine Waves and Pink Noise, then I advice you to take a look overhere.

Jun 16, 2013

Bass In Your Face 14 - Quad Punk Disco

Special thanks Goshi & Yuki

I really have no idea where they kept getting the ideas from! "Quad punk disco"? Quad is no problem, that is true, but punk disco? I didn't hear any on the cd. I did hear some great bass tracks! Like the very fitting A-Town Players cut "Bass in yo' face" that starts of the volume:

They also have that heavy bottom classic by Nemesis featured:

And the track I will never get enough of (also featured HERE):

But what makes the Bass In Your Face cd's most interesting (for me) is the packaging!


Only downside is ofcourse that the jewelcase can not be replaced easily...

I think you get the picture by now; "good stuff right chea". So since I've never been the type to make your life difficult, I'll give you the opportunity to listen to the whole thing HERE (youtube), or HERE (rartube). ENJOY.

Jun 14, 2013

Swatz House - Bass Mixx

Mixed by K2ISO

Not too much I can say about this cd. What you see on the cover is all the info we get. No barcode, no catalogue number...

22 tracks; some are booty bass, some are r&bass, some are poppy bass... just listen for yourself ok?



Jun 1, 2013

Bassdroid 808 - Bass-Step

What if you would mix car audio bass and dubstep?

Exactly! Then you get bass-step...

Now don't ask me "what's the difference with "normal" dubstep?", because I know nothing about dubstep... But I do know that I'm a fan of Bassdroid 808 aka Bassotronics and that's why I bought this cd. It was released a few weeks ago and contains 14 tracks. I can tell you; I've been jamming this in my car recently and if you have a least one 15" woofer (just like myself) then you're not gonna be disappointed because it's BASS HEAVY. You probably don't get the same effect via YouTube but here's a sample of the sound, track 1 "Phantom"...

Here's another one, "Simon - says - serious - dubstep", and there go your speakers...

Can't decide yet what my favorite track is... maybe "Four 15's on my camel", because it has that oriental sound that I really love from Bass Mekanik and Bassotronics' "Eastern Bass" cd... Here's a small snippet to give you an idea, can't give away to much though. If you like the sounds go to CD Baby and support the artist!

Or maybe "Overdub"? As the title implies you get some real nice dubby sounds. Lee couldn't have done it better...

So you know, if you want it digital, go to CD Baby and get the files. Or if you prefer a cool oldschool hardcopy like mine, contact Bassdroid 808 on facebook and find out what he can do for you...

I'll leave you with another snippet to really get you convinced, feel the madness!!