Jun 29, 2013

dB Jams Volume 5

The official dB Drag Racing competition disc

"In a nutshell, dB Drag Racing is a contest where competitors compete against one another in an effort to see who has the loudest car stereo system. Our rules are simple and the judging format is objective. What sets dB Drag Racing apart from other SPL based contests is our head-to-head bracket style elimination format. For the first time ever, a sound-off competition is actually fun to watch; This is one of the primary factors behind dB Drag Racing's skyrocketing popularity."

So know you know...

This is a Pandisc release you don't see very often. As usual on these dB Jams cd's there are not to many music tracks. Here we get 7 of  'em, the rest are test tracks...

But the good thing is, out of those 7 tracks, 2 are exclusive to this cd only (as far as I know). They are a medley from DJ Laz's "XXX Breaks" release, and a medley from the Badd Ass Sound System. Check out the Miami Bass History Youtube channel:

Also, if you're into Sweeps, Sine Waves and Pink Noise, then I advice you to take a look overhere.

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