Jun 16, 2013

Bass In Your Face 14 - Quad Punk Disco

Special thanks Goshi & Yuki

I really have no idea where they kept getting the ideas from! "Quad punk disco"? Quad is no problem, that is true, but punk disco? I didn't hear any on the cd. I did hear some great bass tracks! Like the very fitting A-Town Players cut "Bass in yo' face" that starts of the volume:

They also have that heavy bottom classic by Nemesis featured:

And the track I will never get enough of (also featured HERE):

But what makes the Bass In Your Face cd's most interesting (for me) is the packaging!


Only downside is ofcourse that the jewelcase can not be replaced easily...

I think you get the picture by now; "good stuff right chea". So since I've never been the type to make your life difficult, I'll give you the opportunity to listen to the whole thing HERE (youtube), or HERE (rartube). ENJOY.


  1. All the links of All the volumes of Bass in your face are dead. Please, re-up them.

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