May 26, 2013

Bass Patrol! Vol. 15

Heat up your speakers

This is not the best Bass Patrol! Volume I've heard. It starts off with some Florida breaks

Then we get treated with some covers, like "rock it" and "19"

We get a little bit of freestyle

Even some slow jams

Good thing we can trust on The Gods Of Quad to get the party jumping!!!

Actually it's not that bad at all. Bass Patrol! cd's always give you your money's worth. You can take a listen to the whole thing yourself HERE or HERE.

May 21, 2013

Bass Freq - Kool Hertz

Extreme low bass!


A cool cover (designed by Clearwater (CLRH2O) and good music...

You see that? This is the Bass Mekanik at work! So you know you can expect quality tracks like these.  There's 12 in total on the cd, + an extended test section.

All of this and more brought to you by the good people over at
And don't forget: FILE UNDER BASS.

May 16, 2013

Bass Mekanik - Max Killa Hertz

Did somebody say classic??

Because this IS a classic. Released by the Pandisc Music Corporation in 1995, the good old days of car bass. The cover art was done by Gerard Delaney and Scott Chontow for Adimpact, Inc., Photography by Sergio Pinon (also for Adimpact, Inc.) and the model was Patti Petron. All trax produced by The Dominator:

(except # produced by Bass Automator)

(+ by Bassman)

(£ by Automator & Dominator)

(and * by Bassman & Dominator)

And let's not forget about Boomer the Bass Pig who engineerd this whole thing!

This 24" x  18" poster seems to have been signed by Petra herself...

May 8, 2013

Boyz Wit Da Bass

Boyz Wit Da Bass Cover

Boyz Wit Da Bass Music

Boyz Wit Da Bass Merchandise

Boyz Wit Da Bass Art Direction

Thomas R. Reich and Johnny Yates

Boyz Wit Da Bass Art Concept

Ian hannin, Todd Owens and Johnny Yates

Boyz Wit Da Bass Album Illustration

Ian Hannin

May 2, 2013

Bass Sonic Vol. 01 - Eurobeat Mega Bass!

I don't know what to say...

Remember Bass Sonic Vol. 5? That was a "horror"ble cd right? Guess what... this one is even worse, for real! 
I have to say that Emma Katoh tried in making the design very colourfull, take a look:

But the music? I don't  even want to post a preview people. If you are really curious and you want to hear it for yourself, I'm not stopping you. You can listen HERE.

Some more info about the "musicians":

Now to find the other volumes, they sound way more promising; "Super action mega bass!" and "Midnight adult mega bass!". Oh yeah!