Sep 30, 2012

Bass In Your Face 12 - Quad City Sisters

Custompaint High Jumper

Here's a new arrival from my Japan package ^^ A really nice cd from 1998 in the "Bass In Your Face" series. I'm not saying the music is all that (we're used to that I guess), but as I said before, Japanese releases are always worth the money because of their packaging, take a look:

You see what's the problem with digital releases these days? NO artwork!

The music on this compilation is R&Bass style, not as good as THIS ONE from the "Bass Patrol!" series but not that bad...

Some samples:

Not bad at all!!

If you want more, I have two options for you; HERE or HERE.



 Who's "Nikki Booty"??

Sep 28, 2012

Street Beat Krew - Bass Check Vol. II


Before I give you some more of that J-Bass I also want to post this StreetBeat Records release. Not a top 10 cd but just another average car audio bass release. What makes it interesting is that it's entirely produced by Calvin L. Mills & Carlton Mills. Being this is Vol. II you can check out Vol. I HERE.

so, what do we have here? A little bit of everything... 

some "Jeep beats"

... some "Hip Hop"

... some "Bedroom boom"

and some good old bass ofcourse... 

If you like what you heard so far than I would suggest you take a look HERE and/or HERE.  

It's funny, if you look at the back cover or the inside of the cd, you would think this is "Bass check 11, Vol. II"... or is it?


Sep 27, 2012


Just in today...

a shipment of bass cd's, straight from Japan! Stay tuned to find out what's inside...

Sep 24, 2012

Maximum Boom For Your Sytem - Volume Two

Car audio and electronics

Not saying there's anything new on this 6-track cd but a rare find for sure. This is one of the discs they used to make the "Ultimate Collection".  Now to get my hands on the other 3 volumes...

Here's what they were trying to sell:

Sep 21, 2012

Kilo - Get This Party Started

Real bass

Is what he called it... and I can't disagree! This was Kilo's last cd before he became "Kilo Ali". You can hear that in the '90s ATL took over the bassgame! This album can easily be played without skipping one song. 
You don't believe me?? Take a listen:

Say what? You're PC speakers are fucked up and you want to listen on your Vertu Signature Cobra? OK, OK, I gotcha, take a look HERE.

Sep 17, 2012

69 Boyz - 69.97 Quad FM

All time favorites Vol. III

This is a Japanese release on Nippon Crown in the "All time favorites" series. I think Vol. 1 is by DJ Smurf and Vol. 2 by Freak Nasty but I'm not sure, my Japanese is not what it used to be ^^

I have to say I like the cover more than the music. Not to much (or none at all) bass on this one.  This is the bassiest track I could locate:

03. Round & Round

The other songs have a more laid back hip hop sound to them. Like "Roll with me" (but I like that one because it reminds me of "... Kilo G and that real bass...", remember that?)

14. Roll with me

Well, I'll leave you with another one that's not too bad;

13 Shout

And if you wanna check out the rest for yourself, then you better click HERE.

Sep 12, 2012

Maggotron - Digital bass

He's baaaaaaaack...

The release date is yet to be set but this better be good! As the man himself said; "All new releases will have different styles and textures sonically and lyrically -- these are not going to be your Mom and Dads Bass songs". My parents NEVER played bass songs but still I can't wait to hear these...


I'll keep you updated... 


Digital Bass is now available on iTunes! Get it!

Sep 11, 2012

DJ Uncle Al R.I.P.

My friends over at Miamibass(dot)FM had a day long celebration yesterday, remembering the unfortunate passing of Albert Moss, better known as DJ Uncle Al over 10 years ago on Sept. 10, 2001. Today I'll continue their effort right here!

This is Uncle Al's first full CD released by On Top Records in 1993 and produced by Calvin Mills II and Carlton Mills.

03. What's my name

17. Just say no 2 drugs


In '95 we saw the release of "Comin thru"

You can check that out on YouTube:

or some other tube:

Go ladies was also released in 1995 and was already featured on the blog HERE
You can listen to this great CD if you feel like.

If you missed the MB.FM dedication yesterday, don't worry! They compiled all the Uncle Al pieces in one download so you can still listen and learn. But be fast, it'll be available for download for only 2 weeks! GET IT!

Another jamming CD from 1996 produced by DJ Uncle Al and DJ Forty Dog (you know, the one from the 3rd generation Bass Patrol)

Featuring the classic "DJ Uncle Al & DJ Felix Sama Mega Mix":  

and more classic tracks HERE


This Japanese CD released by Cutting Edge in the Bass Patrol! series combines 2 of Uncle Al's On Top albums "Party time" and "Off the chain". This is a really good release giving you 26 tracks from the #1 DJ!
Take a look OVERHERE if you're a fan!

And the partying doesn't stop...

But then again... this is the last album released by Albert Moss in 1998, produced by The Committee. The cover is from the Japanese release. 
It was also released as a double vinyl!



Sep 6, 2012

M.C. Boo & The Crew - "Back To The Bass-Ics"

Modesty never was their weak point...

"The best bass album ever recorded...!" 

I don't know about that but it's for sure a good one. This is one of the albums I was talking about in my "Black Eye Records - Bass Attack" post. Ocean Records also released an M.C Madness cd after this one. I'm sure you'll see it on this blog one of these days ^^



The Dogs

Where's Disco Rick at?

If you would like to find that out, head over to and take a look at THIS article. OK, not a great cover but a great album.

Oh? You don't know? Listen:


The album cover would eventually turn out to look like this, with artwork by Horizon Graphics Of Miami Inc. and Albelo Graphics:

Sep 4, 2012

Bass Mekanik & Bassotronics - Eastern bass

Hot off the press!

The Bass Mekanik & Bassotronics team up for a journey into Oriental Bass! I personally LOVE this album. Get it on  iTunes if you're an iFanatic, or otherwise go to!