Dec 31, 2015

DJ Smurf - NonStop Booty Shake

... Over 60 minutes of all new nonstop booty shake

This will be the last post for this year and it's a banger! DJ Smurf teams up with DJ Kizzy Rock on this one to give you 17 hardcore booty shake tracks. 

"NonStop BootyShake is a continuous mix of all new bass tracks produced by DJ Smurf. It features appearances by some of the hottest bass artists on the scene. If you don't have a Dee Jay for your bootyshake party, "NonStop BootyShake" is a must for your music collection."


DJ Smurf was a man on a mission at that time: "This album is dedicated to all the blood, sweat and tears that were shed by every bass artist who helped pave the way for me I know it looks bad right now and everybody in the industry thinks bass music is dead. They couldn't be more blind. Keep ya head up and let's get this money!". Check out the intro "I got somethin' to say" for more details:


See? Man this whole album is dope! I had bought the vinyl first but that one only has 12 tracks and doesn't have one of my favorite tracks on it; DJ Smurf's "I don't wanna go on" remix!


So I was left with no other choice than to go and hunt for the cd release... which was not easy... 

Another crazy hardcore joint:


Fuck, the whole album is hardcore. Luke, Ying Yang Twins, Intoxicated, Freak Nasty & more are all here. Just listen to the whole thing, that will be easier!

C U Next Year!

Dec 29, 2015

DJ Droppin' - Bass Abuse

17 Classic bass tracks

Not yet but I'm sure they will be one day!  DJ Droppin joins Bassotronics in closing the year 2015  with a low bass bomb. Car audio bass in its purest form! I'll be honest, my car system (1 15" subwoofer) can't really handle this kind of lows. I don't know how many 15's you need exactly but this is serious bass my friends!

The title track:

Here's the official promo talk:

Officially released! DJ Droppin' is back with another slammin' collection of Vicious Boom and Dangerous Low Frequencies guaranteed to take your system to its limits and beyond. This composition features a deadly mix of Crunk/Street Style, Techno Bass, Electro Funk, and Instrumental Quad.
Key Tracks: Bass Abuse, Bassin' 4 Austin, Miami Bass Check, Tribal Quad
*Bassheads, Track 10, "Bassin' 4 Austin" is in tribute to Austin Gerlach who bravely and courageously battled cancer. Sadly in 2015 Austin passed away. He was a great guy and an ambassador to Car Audio. He left a lasting impression with anyone who knew him. God Speed, Austin.

You can buy this album from your favorite digital dealer; Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Junodownload, I don't know, you choose one. As long as you BUY!

Yeah this sh$t goes deep!

What I also like about this release is the cover. It's great in it's simplicity. It has this 80's Tron vibe... really cool.


Bassotronics - Electro Bass In Your Face

Bassotronics in the mix!!

Well he's not actually "cutting & scratching" but this is a continuous mix featuring 15 Bassotronics bass bombs! What a way to end the year! When you hear the name Bassotronics you probably think of car audio bass ("Bass, I love you" comes to mind) but this guy produced some serious electro bangers as well! Check out "Electro bass computers"

Or "Bass is enough"

Who let the dogs out!!??  You can buy this album from any site that sells digital music; iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, whichever you prefer, as long as you GET IT!

My favorite tracks are "Digital streets"


and the '80s freestyle sounding "Lost"!


Can't wait to hear what Bassotronics will be releasing in  2016!

Oh yeah, if your in the US, you can check out the full album on YouTube:


Dec 27, 2015

Teckno Master DL - Break The Bass

No one drops harder

I don't know if that is true but at least Teckno Master DL finally made an album for 12" woofers! As you might remember the previous cd "Droppin' Bass" was made for 12" wolfers only, so it's nice to know we can now finally enjoy their music on our woofers also!


Although "their" is now "his". The first album was produced by Danny D & D.J. Laz. This one's produced by Danny D only...

Check out this cool Kraftwerk cover!


Not a bad album, not a bad album... If you want to have an idea what the rest sound like listen to this 7:33 minutes long mega mix!

Or check it out on my YouTube channel RIGHT HERE.


Dec 25, 2015

Clay D & The New Get Funky Crew - We're Goin' Off

New in 1991

Not your most Basscovers-est cover but this was Clay D's first album on Pandisc Records and also the first (and last!) album with his New Get Funky Crew. No more Prince Rahiem and DJ Doc Fresh, but Mike Ski & Eboe and DJ Chuck & Jay Blaque...

Check it out

Check it out:

After this crew, I think Clay D finally had enough of crews and just went solo with Out The Can...

Dynamix II Records - A Merry Bass Christmas

Yes it's that time of the year again

More artwork by Marc Pomeroy for Paranormal Images. I guess he's not only working for Majammy Records

What more can I say? Happy holidays friends!


Dec 23, 2015

Basscase - Psychotic Bass

Zip it!!


Because the music on this cd really sucks! Tastes differ ofcourse. Maybe YOU like it (so please go ahead and give it a listen!), but I don't. The beats are just not bangin or booming, and the reverb filled samples also become tiring. 
Prime example:

Another one:

I don't know, maybe the bleeps in this one can make you psychotic if you're already stressed out?

I guess track 10, the last one on this cd is the best; "Just plain ol' crazy bass". (I said "the best" of the lot, doesn't mean it is great or even so good). Jim Cochrane should have kept it at that, plain ol' bass without all the annoying vocal snippets...

What I DO like is the freaky cover art from Marc Pomeroy for Paranormal Images. Real Bass Covers material. But if you want crazy bass I would suggest you listen to Bass Madness' "Neurotic bass", it booms better than this one...

Dec 20, 2015

D.J. Bass Boy - Licensed To Bass

Can you see what they were doing here?

The album title? The crashed car? The "D.J. Bass Boy" logo? The American flag?
Yes that seems to be it... an ode to the Beastie Boys' classic debut album??

"Way cool dude!"

Back and front cover combined:

I hear some "Paul Revere" in this one


Brass Monkey?

Fight For Your Right!

There is "Slower and Lower" (Slow and Low), "Quad Craft" (She's Crafty) and "Stealin Speakers" (Rhymin' & Stealin')...


Not bad, not bad... Not the greatest but not bad. I DO like the artwork concept!

Here's what Newtown also had for sale that time:

Nov 28, 2015

Icey Mo' Quad - Da bottomless pit

Featuring the Bass Cave Click

That would be these guys:

Since I'm a big fan of this other Bass Cave release, D.J. Quad's "Ka-Mo-Ka-Zi Quad"; I expected this one to be as heavy... but it's not so I was a little disappointed... Not saying it's a bad cd but the song don't drop like "Quakin" or "Yea-Yea"! Here's an impression:

You can always check out the complete album OVERHERE.

Nov 22, 2015

Back 2 Bass X

Featuring Heavy Roc


Featuring? Yeah ok, EVERY song features Heavy Roc. Another So-Lo Jam release labeled as a bass cd, It's even IASCA "certified", but actually it's just another rap cd... 




Believe me now?

Ok, ok, there's still some bass to be found...


Nov 21, 2015

3 Grand - 3 Bad Brothers

All ingredients are there...


to be a bass cd; produced by The Bass Mechanics, recorded in Jacksonville, Fl. and artwork done by Alric Goins for Alric's Creations, but it's NOT! Only 1 bass track on this release, the other's are hip hop "a la Kriss Kross".


Oct 24, 2015

Bass Check VI

This was the last volume I needed in the Bass Check series...

... and I missed out on some good electro bass tracks though.

Until now that is!

Like most Joey Boy releases the art & design was done by Luroga Design Miami, Fl. and photos by Al Freddy.

Sep 25, 2015

Bass Mekanik - The Main Event

Brought to you by Incriminator Audio!

Good news for the bassheads who like Bass Mekanik AND who like to get their hands on a good old-fashioned cd. Thanks to the great people over at Incriminator Audio we get a selection of 10 songs taken from the latest Bass Mekanik release "Power", plus some boomchecks, sweeps and test tones.

You see this?

So go to the Incriminator website in a hurry and GET IT!


Sep 13, 2015

Bass Creations - Volume 2

DJ Bass-Robot-With-A-Gun

is in FULL effect! Another 15 bass creations by Dave Rajput & Mickey Oliver for Bass Creations Productions

We also have guest appearances by Marvelous J.C. (aka Styles from Styles & the J.I.Z.) & the DJ Times International DJ Expo Champion, Albert Lineses III


Yeah this Scarface Records release is quite "Krafty"...


Cover design & graphics by Todd Smith


And more features; this time from Rene & Danny Delgadillo and Tony Montana?


Sep 10, 2015

Bass Quake - Bass After Shock

Frequencies galore


A good Neurodisc release with an even better cover by Luis Garcia for Luroga Design Florida! This release really distinguishes itself from the other Neurodisc releases because of the artwork. If you didn't know already, Luis Garcia is the man who did a great amount of covers for Joey Boy releases. 

Let me now show you why I call this "frequencies galore"... check this out:

Can you feel it? Or this one:

One more:

Good ain't it? I really like the lettering Luis Garcia did here!

That will be all for now...

Sep 7, 2015

Boom-Master R.G.B. - Fuzion Bass

Straight to the bottom


Will we ever find out how many bass albums have been released on god's green earth? I doubt it! What do we have now; "Boom-Master R.G.B."... I don't know what to say anymore... I think it's best if you just take a listen yourself... not bad though, that's not what I'm saying... but then again I didn't say anything, because I didn't know what to say anymore...



Oh yeah, before I forget; the art direction was done by Aldo Sampieri and the computer illustration by Fred Magyar.

Oh yeah, this is a rather funky track! (hence the title ofcourse, duh!)


Sep 6, 2015

DJ Billy E - Baddest Bass Beats

"Just dropped this compilation of some of the baddest beats I have produced for Bass Mekanik"

And that is all Billy E posted on facebook. A small post on his page, and that was it. Maaan, this guy is just too humble! Have you heard "Beatz a rok'n"? "Six blok bass"? "Bass bad bwoy"? "Ghetto blasta"? You did? Well then you know I'm not bullshitting when I tell you these are monster bass jamz! You didn't? Then you really missed out on some of the dopest bass joints ever created! But that's were this compilation comes in handy, because now you can catch up and get these in your ride!

The iThing, Amazon, beatport, whichever site you prefer. More than enough choices.

In the meantime listen to the preview brought by our good friends over at KKBox Taiwan...