Aug 29, 2015

Custom 12" Covers

By Lamar Johnson!!


Low Frequency - Pound 4 Pound

From the same guys who were Jackin For Bass...


Cool "bass van" cover and the music is not bad at all either. All songs produced and arranged by Low Frequency and Danny D. So looking at the "Jackin for Bass" cover that must mean Roderick B. Whitehead and Danny D. 14 Tracks on this Always Fresh Records release that could not have been released today without sample clearance problems!

What would Newcleus say?

What would the Egyptian Lover say?

What would Kraftwerk say?

Well, since only the good lord knows what they would say, the only thing we can do is just enjoy the music, which you can do by going HERE or HERE. Have fun!

Aug 27, 2015

Bass Mekanik - Power

More bass trap!

So I was looking online for a place to download the new Bassotronics album "Woofer wrecker" and to my surprise I found out Bass Mekanik also had a new release out!!! What a surprise! I've always been a huge fan so sorry Bassotronics, but I did check this release first ^^

As expected the follow-up to "Bass Trap" contains more trap beats but ofcourse it's not "just trap". That unique Bass Mekanik sound always shines through in everything they produce! We'll have to depend on for some previews:

Nice right? Alright then, you know what to do now: Buy - Buy - Buy! ^^

Funny; junodownload labels this album "balearic/downtempo"! "Downtempo" ok, but I still don't see anybody play this kind of stuff in Ibiza...

Aug 26, 2015

Bassotronics - Woofer Wrecker

Presented by Bass Mekanik ofcourse...

It has been a while since we heard from the bassmaster Bassotronics but here it is. The long awaited follow up to the great concept album "Basshead Radio"! (I know, we also enjoyed "Piano Jams for Bass Lovers" in the meantime but that was a compilation, not really a "new" release). So here we go, 17 new Bassotronics tracks for preview through the website. Ofcourse you can also get this release from iTunes, Amazon or any other website of your choice... BOOM IT!

Aug 25, 2015

MTX Bass Zone 2 - Bass Jams

14 Of the funkiest hip hop Bass Jams ever to hit the street.

OK, that's what THEY say, because I think that is a little far-fetched. It's actually not really a great cd. Volume 1 was good, but that was a Pandisc release. This one on the other hand was put together by "the gang at MTX and Master DJ Dr. B", so you can imagine they would not produce the same kind of quality bass like the Beat Dominator or Bass Tech DXJ... 

Track 1, "The Boom" is not bad:

A little something smooth on track 5; "Jasmine"



Another shot at creating a real bass track...

and judging from the title this should have been MY track...

But it's NOT, so I don't know, I'll just let you listen to the whole damn thing so you can judge yourselves:

Aug 14, 2015

Bass Madness - Neurotic Bass

Audio inferno

Another Debbie DeNeese & Jamie Swartz produced Neurodisc release that had already popped up HERE. 12 rave style bass tracks that can actually make you nevous, give you stress; so they really succeeded in creating their theme!

According to Wikipedia; Neurotic may refer to
  • Neurosis, a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations

Just listen to the title track (if your speakers can get past the intro that is) and tell me if that didn't cause distress...

Or "Quadrophobia"...

Luckily it's not all madness, there is also "Hypnotic bass"...

and the boom room before Debonaire went there...

Now it could be me (probably) but everytime I see this cover I think it is a Bass Erotica cd, because the cover model Lauren Martinez (who actually also did the layout here for Adimpact, Inc. and who is also a member of Brand-X-Design together with Gerard Delaney) reminds me of an inflatable doll... anyhow... enough of that... forget what I said. Just LISTEN to the cd ok?

I was thinking they should call the Bass M.D. to get rid of their neurosis but it turns out he's fucking crazy as well!!!