Aug 14, 2015

Bass Madness - Neurotic Bass

Audio inferno

Another Debbie DeNeese & Jamie Swartz produced Neurodisc release that had already popped up HERE. 12 rave style bass tracks that can actually make you nevous, give you stress; so they really succeeded in creating their theme!

According to Wikipedia; Neurotic may refer to
  • Neurosis, a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations

Just listen to the title track (if your speakers can get past the intro that is) and tell me if that didn't cause distress...

Or "Quadrophobia"...

Luckily it's not all madness, there is also "Hypnotic bass"...

and the boom room before Debonaire went there...

Now it could be me (probably) but everytime I see this cover I think it is a Bass Erotica cd, because the cover model Lauren Martinez (who actually also did the layout here for Adimpact, Inc. and who is also a member of Brand-X-Design together with Gerard Delaney) reminds me of an inflatable doll... anyhow... enough of that... forget what I said. Just LISTEN to the cd ok?

I was thinking they should call the Bass M.D. to get rid of their neurosis but it turns out he's fucking crazy as well!!!


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  1. Hah!The cover is like "A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET" or something in that way-)