Aug 29, 2012

Booty Bass

A little something "for that ass" ;-)

A classic booty bass compilation released by Pandisc Records in 1994. Nothing but big names on this one; Gucci Crew II, Poison Clan, Splack Pack, Clay D, Disco Rick, and the list goes on...

You can listen to it on 8tracks:


You can listen to it on your own tracks:

Aug 28, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 21

Summer time edition

The last volume of the Bass Patrol! series but well worth the search! There's no less than 11 Debonaire exclusives on this cd. Check it out...

What? You don't like your computer speakers and you would like to listen in your car? OK! 
No problem. Take a look HERE.

Aug 26, 2012

Afro-Rican - "Against All Odds"

Special thanks to Luther Campbell and all the staff at Skyywalker Records

That's right, this was released in the good old days of Luke Skyywalker records. Afro-Rican's debut cd; Rahming, DJ Slice and M.D. Rock at their best. Featuring the remix to their CLASSIC (with capitals) hit "Doggy style".

Want to learn more about Afro-Rican? You do? Cool, then I advise you to head over to the BASSIPEDIA and check out the extensive article PappaWheelie wrote about these guys.

Now if you're a collector you should try and find this vinyl. A Hip Rock promo release of "Against all odd's" on red wax!


Give it all you got!

Aug 17, 2012

The Get Funky Crew - Shake them


This one needs no introduction! Just look and listen. Clay D and Prince Rahiem at their finest...

Cover illustration and album design by Andris Kikuts, who also did the other Vision Records releases by Clay D and the Get Funky Crew

Get your tittiebeats HERE!!!

Aug 13, 2012

American Tuner Presents Tuner Tek

Output warning!

This is a real good cd produced and mastered by none other than THE MEKANIK!

This is my favorite jam; 06. Xtra Heavy

Tuner Tek brings the "Tek" into the limelight on his first outing. TUNER TEK levels bass perfection, tuner car culture and blistering production onto a playing field so dense with tek-nique it might just make ya' ears crash! Frome the insanely bass heavy "REDLINE", the tek-nical complexity of "TUNER STEP" and the dubbed out lines of "DUB E-MOTION" - TUNER TEK rips your system apart from top to drop!

07. Hyper Tek

10. Bad brakes


12. Redline

Aug 11, 2012

Bass Extreme - "The ULTIMATE TEST"...

File report: BASS EXTREME

"This album features music tracks with sub bass frequencys; some that can be felt more than heard. It will take any system to the extreme: from ultra low bass thru crisp, sparkling high end.
For maximum test applications, a narrator explains which signals are being transmitted at the start of each track.
Also included are Newtown's exclusive holographic and harmonic bass processing, as well as long, extended ultra low bass notes below 20 Hz and piercing high end up to 20KHz."

Let the good man explain to you himself:

Let's explore some of the styles;




NewTown's Holographic 3D Sound



As you can hear, ENOUGH bass right there to put any system to the limit!!
You can listen to some more test tones right HERE

Aug 3, 2012

New releases

Debonaire - Hovercraft EP


Featuring the remix wizardry of Dynamik Bass System, Floorkilla, Robert Cosmic, Freak Force Crew and an earth shattering collaboration with Trip Theory featuring 2BMF.
  1. Hovercraft (Deb's Helium Lungs)
  2. My Town (Floorkilla Remix)
  3. Bring It Low (Trip Theory & Debonaire feat. 2BMF)
  4. Micro Drumulator (Robert Cosmic Remix)
  5. Hovercraft (Dynamik Bass System Orbit City Mix)
  6. Freaks In The Bedroom (Freak Force Crew Remix)
  7. Im Ghost
  8. Stop This Crazy Thing
  9. Hovercraft (Dynamik Bass System Astro Remix)

Get it from Debonaire's new and improved website HERE


The EP features their latest hit with Breezy Beat MC "Raw Dogg", the full version of "Back in the days" (you can hear part of it on the Miami Bass History Mixtape, free for download HERE) and a remix of Lydia Lee Love 's freestyle hit "Don't take your love away".

Get it from