Aug 13, 2012

American Tuner Presents Tuner Tek

Output warning!

This is a real good cd produced and mastered by none other than THE MEKANIK!

This is my favorite jam; 06. Xtra Heavy

Tuner Tek brings the "Tek" into the limelight on his first outing. TUNER TEK levels bass perfection, tuner car culture and blistering production onto a playing field so dense with tek-nique it might just make ya' ears crash! Frome the insanely bass heavy "REDLINE", the tek-nical complexity of "TUNER STEP" and the dubbed out lines of "DUB E-MOTION" - TUNER TEK rips your system apart from top to drop!

07. Hyper Tek

10. Bad brakes


12. Redline

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