Jun 25, 2018

Bass Patrol! The Video

Mega low bass! Crazy cars! And many girls


This is a rare one friends! Less interesting than I had been hoping for, but a rare one! The mega low bass, the crazy cars, the many girls, they are all featured in the 11 Miami bass videos contained on this tape. There is no extra footage, exept for some "monty python"-like skits inbetween the clips.
But I know you guys are just as curious as I was to find out what is on the cassette... 
So here goes...


Jun 23, 2018

XXX Bass Queen 2

The Kotobazeme Vol 2

What we have here is 14 tracks of J-Bass composed by Ken Iwashiro and an insteresting cover illustration from Miyuki Yoshida. What to say, what to say... Some of the tracks are in the "Bass Erotica" style. Like where they have a woman talk dirty (at least that's what I think!) over the beats. Here's an example:

I have no idea what they are talking about, but I think it has something to do with being erect?

On some other tracks they go for some "rapping". Although the message might be the same as, let's say "The 2 Live Crew"s tracks, the delivery is a little different. 

Nah fam, I think I'll just stick with the instrumental jams, like "It's up to you"...

So what do you think? Want to hear "You vituperat me"? Want to hear "U are murderer I love"? You do? Then go to the playlist on YouTube, or the playlist on the whatchamacallittube.

Enjoy some more design by Don Okamoto & Atsushi Suzuki.

But you know what's the craziest part?


Jun 16, 2018

Bass Mekanik - Grab 'Em By The Bass

You grab it from the net!

Because the latest Bass Mekanik bass bomb is available everywhere. No excuses, you can go to iTunesBeatport, Spotify, Napster, Pandora, ... it's everywhere. And trust me, it's a booming album.

13 Brand new tracks featuring the hits 

"Turn it up!"

"Deep forest"


"Crystal bass"

You get me? Trapping yet?