May 31, 2011

Bassmo Bill - Bass-station

From Germany With Bass

I wouldn't really call this bass music but a fun cover nonetheless !

08. Bluntbeat

May 30, 2011

Super Slam Bass Jam

It's Debonaire Music !

01. Everybody all aboard

06. Pokebass

14. Boom in da muzik

Bass Patrol - The Indestructible

DJ Gusto & DYC

It was no longer RX Lord and DJ Fury anymore but DYC and DJ Gusto.
This is the Japanese version :

06. Let's get this party started

May 28, 2011

DM Records

Bass Patrol! Vol. 6

FIRE ...

Nice OBI with this cd

09. Bass Mekanik - Energyze

Listen to the whole shabang HERE

Dre-Town - Sub Zero Bass

Danny D 

From the best in Bass ... PANDISC !

11. Bass Style

May 27, 2011

Beat Mafia - The Godfather Of Bass

StreetBeat News :

One of my favourite covers on StreetBeat

02. Electronic Digital Bass

Bass In Your Face Vol. 8

In Da House With Grumpy !

An A-Town Bass compilation, basically the same as this one on Wrap Records :

10. In Da House With Grumpy

May 25, 2011



Gotta' Have That Bass !

Can't forget about IBP !

10. Planet Bass

Get more of the Boomzilla HERE

Bass Spin Vol. 1

System Diagram Included

02. The Escalation

12. FBI's 1969 White Paper

May 23, 2011

Anime Bass!!

Bass Gun ...

Nice one in the Bass Patrol!! series

This is track 1

You like? HERE 's some more!

MC Madness - Drop the bass

Nice Graf Piece

I guess the friendship was over around this time ! Listen to the lyrics...

May 21, 2011

Bass In Your Face Vol. IV

More Magic Mike

Mostly tracks of his "Represent" album

04. Move Them Butts


DJ Fury - Furious Bass


Talking about a CLASSIC !
05. Speaker Popper

You can get a copy from the man himselft overHERE

Or listen to the cd on YouTube? 


Quad Star - Bass Is The Game


Nighttime cruzin', on Vision Records ... 

10. Can U Feel Bass

You can listen to more tracks HERE

May 20, 2011

Feel The Bass Vol . 2

~Make the car go boom!~

These are all DJ Magic Mike tracks from "The Final Frontier" and "Boyz Wit Da Bass". The art direction, Design & CG are done by Toshiaki Ishii and Kazuhiro Osakabe.

13. A New Sound


Bass Rocket Vol. 2

You gotta love this cover !!

What is there not to love about "batgirl" (or is it bassgirl?) with a bassbazooka? And with tracks like "Pretty Snake", "Flying High The Power" and "Now My Time Is To Be All Right" you know you can't go wrong... Yup, nice artwork by Hideki Kawazoe and a cool illustration by Oshou!

The friendly people at East West Japan even advice us where to play the music:

Which actually is kind of annoying, because I really felt like playing "It's party time" at the beach! What to do now, what to do now!?

Do you have the guts to play this album at home??? 

You do?

Prove it!