Sep 13, 2020

Mega Jon Bass - Freakazoids (Dance RemiXXX) Instrumental

Check out my new video. This track keeps giving me so much inspiration. I wonder why...


If you want to watch it again on your HDTV then GET IT HERE!

Sep 8, 2020

Mega Jon Bass - Freakazoids (Dance RemiXXX)

Banned from YouTube

Here's a video I made to help promote Mega Jon Bass' new album Boomsday. As I could have expected it was removed from YouTube. I will try and host it here and see how long it lasts. Watch it while you can!


If you want to watch the cilp on your 1.21 jigapixels HD smart TV, you can always download it 



And oh yeah, if you like the video and/or the music, don't forget to pick up the album!

Jul 24, 2020

Techmaster P.E.B. - Machines 2020


You're a bass fan right? You're a Techmaster P.E.B. fan right? Look at what P.E.B has to say:

"I have a 🎁GIFT for you! As a THANK YOU to the fans...
Machines 2020 is out now! Download your FREE copy at NOW!!
This is a COMPLETE remake from the ground up of one of your favorite tracks from "It Came From Outer Bass II"
I hope you ENJOY it! PEB"

Well alright then! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE???????????

Techmaster P.E.B. - Subharmonix (Continued)


And I have to tell you, both CD and USB Cassette look amazing!

If you are on Facebook, visit the official TECHMASTER TALKS! group or the fan group Techmaster P.E.B. - The God Of Bass and you will find many pictures of satisfied customers!

Don't believe me??

 I never lie meng! 

Oh now you want to join this happy club? Then I advice you to go to THE ULTRA LOW BASS STORE and pick up your copy immediately! (There is a permalink to the shop in the right column of this blog also).

SUBHARMONIX can also be downloaded directily from the source at or downloaded /streamed from your preferred site, whether it be Amazon, Spotify, Apple, you name it. It will be there!


Jul 17, 2020

Mega Jon Bass - Boomsday

The return of Chucky Bass!

OK friends there is a lot of Mega Jon Bass news! Let me breathe in and out... So, the main news is that HE IS BACK with an album called "Boomsday"! 12 Booming brand new tracks. Check out these samples, old school as hell:

Booming right? But there is more. Not only can you buy the new album digital by clicking

but if you're more of an older head like me, you can also buy the CD!

AND... You can not only buy the CD, you can also buy the Instrumental CD!

So whatever you desire, you can find it at

And while you are at it clicking links, maker sure you visit THE MEGA SHOP  to complete your wardrobe!

DJ Magic Mike - Bass Is Still The Name Of The Game

Drop The Bass 2020

Magic Mike has been dropping a slew of singles while we wait for his new album to be released! The first one was "Drop the Bass 2020" with Ondamike.

Then came a double header with "Feel the Bass 7 / How low can you go?". 
"Feel the Bass 7" continues the Feel the Bass series with pure bottom for the subs while "How low can you go" gives us some of that classic magical scratching from the Magician!

You can get all of these and more at Mike's preferred digital seller Beatport by clicking this link:

Feel free ofcourse to buy and / or listen to these and other tracks on your favorite platform. Doesn't matter where, as long as you support!

Oh, and speaking of support, make sure you pick up a FEEL THE BASS T-shirt from the Magic Mike store!! 

Jun 27, 2020


The new Techmaster P.E.B. CD is being printed as we speak. Tech-Nolo-G Music Group had a release party on facebook yesterday, playing tracks of the new album.

For those of you who don't have facebook or just missed it, you can watch it here also (quality is a bit choppy at times but they had problems with their internet connection):

Don't forget to buy the new CD or/and USB. Also check out the Techmaster P.E.B. and Tech-Nolo-G Music merchandise. Link on the right side of my page.

May 31, 2020

Techmaster P.E.B. - Subharmonix


That's right! It took some years to come to fruitition, but it's finally coming. The new album by Techmaster P.E.B.! 

Official Release Date June 26, 2020

Make sure you pre-order at

The ONE TRUE Source for Music & Apparel and all things TECHMASTER P.E.B., ULTRA LOW BASS &  TECH-NOLO-G MUSIC GROUP

If you want to interact with the Techmaster and / or stay updated, follow him on facebook @ TECHMASTERPEBONLINE and TECHMASTER TALKS




May 23, 2020

Glam Graham - SINsation

COMING SOON! The debut album

That's right, it's not out yet, but DJ Fury's newest protegΓ© will be releasing her debut album soon. Fury was quoted as saying... 

"Not only is Glam an extremely beautiful and sexy young lady, but she is a very talented and versatile writer that can spit pure fire on the mic! Glam's first single "Bounce" is a pure club banger & twerk song to be followed up by "Run Me Dat" and "For Da Money", which are more club bangers the ladies will love.  "Fully Automatic", will surely solidify her street credibility as a fourth single release.  "What's The Vibe", is her fifth single that has a sensual, smooth and sultry vibe.  The sixth single, "Pretty Girls", is destined to become a Pop classic!  Those first six singles alone could make an awesome EP and would be enough to show the music industry and the world that Glam Graham is extremely talented, also versatile, and a major force to be reckoned with!"  ~Fury

Go to to get free downloads and more info on Glam!


Bass Cronic - Kronik Bass

Feel The Music

That is exactly what you will as soon as you pop in this disc! Being on Thump Records, the first track has a vibe that you would expect from this cd; a smooth g-funk/bass hybrid.

But when you get to the second track you already start realising this is not just another g-funk vehicle! There is a master at work...


And it just keeps getting better.This release is much better than the other Thump Records release Bass Construction, which was produced by Albert Cabrera. So who was behind this CD, who is Cronic Bass??

It was when I got to track 5 that I realised! Listen:

Did you hear that? That track could have come straight from Nightmare on Bass Street or Toxic Bass. This HAS to be DJ Billy E's work!

And yes it is! He confirmed this on facebook. Definately a CD you should try and get. You can also listen to the album on YouTube by clicking THIS LINK. ENJOY!

May 7, 2020

Estrn Bass - Arabic Trap India Bass

Beats from the east

Friends! Are you also a huge fan of the Bass Mekanik / Bassotronics album "Eastern bass"?? Are you? Well, then I have great news for you; Arabic Trap Inda Bass gives you a very similar sound!



Can you dig it???



Alright then

May 2, 2020

Bass Boys - Volume 1

Feel The Bass Vol. 10 - The final bass

If it wasn't for the OBI I would have never figured it out but this is the final release in the "Feel The Bass" series!

I think all the other releases were compilations of already released music, but to my surprise this one features all new music! That's the fun with ordering Japanese cd's online, you actually never know what you will receive.

So who are the Bass Boys? Can't find anything online about them. According to this cd they are Freak Stan, Rough Dee and Yes Man. There are also tracks by Monie Mike, Chef and Big T.

Check 'em out and let me know if you know more about any one of them...

Freak Stan, Rough Dee & Yes Man

Monie Mike


Big T

If you enjoyed these tracks, there are more on my YouTube Channel! 

Check it out!

And then by sheer coincidence, right after finishing this post, I found Yes Man on facebook and here's what he said about this release:

"Man I had bad management back in the day and they took a lot of my damn demos that I was just playing around with at the studio. We was about to shop all that stuff to the major bass & crunk labels like Bo crane, David estrogen , Gene Simmons and other exit back then.. but the guy who I was working with took all the demo Masters literally when I was doing a show on the West Coast back then. Somebody told me he got a big payout from a foreign investor oversee but I never seen or heard anything about it. I actually just said f*** it. And started working on the dolly project that they put on BET uncut"

Check out his latest video:

DEMO Just having some sort of freestyle fun playing around
Song Title: You Sexy Lady
Epicurean one Entertainment BMI Copyright © 


Apr 21, 2020

Tsutaya Records Presents Bass ι‡ŽιƒŽ

Bad News Records

Tsutaya Records, Bad News Records, I have no idea what is going on here anymore. I do know that it's an earlier release in the "Bass ι‡ŽιƒŽ" series (or "Bass Ya Low", sometimes "Bass 'Yarou'") from 1998; BN-109. I also know that it's not a bad compilation. Only 12 tracks but a variety of bass styles. Definately not a bad start for somebody who is just getting to know the genre.

Here's a selection:

(Was this released after the succes of DJ Laz' 'Mami el negro'?)

Ofcourse I initially bought this mainly for the cool cover. I'm trying to complete the "Bass ι‡ŽιƒŽ" series also, but the cover is really the reason why I love these Japanese releases.

The back cover has a blue van. Rush paintjob after the heist???

Apr 3, 2020

Maximum Bass For Your System 2

BASS, not Boom!

That's right, Maximum BASS, not Maximum Boom. This CD is released by Valentine Sound Productions, Kuala Lumpur and not Pandisc, but it does feature 14... yep, Pandisc tracks!

Nothing groundbreaking here but a rare find for sure! Unfortunately the thing with rare finds is that you can't be picky, because I really wonder why they stamped holes in the cover???

Friends, please message me if you can help me find VOLUME 1! 


Mar 30, 2020

Maximum Boom For Your System


So since the time I posted THIS, I finally managed to gather all 4 volumes of Maximum Boom For Your System. To celebrate this joyous occasion, I will present you all scans for this series.