Jun 30, 2012

The Best Of Miami Bass Volume 1

Compiled by Food For Woofers

All tracks licensed from: Pan Disc Music Corp. Miami USA and

so just call it "The Best Of Pandisc Bass".

Track 3) In the mix

Who do we have on this cd? The Beat Dominator, Mr Bassman, DJ Laz, DXJ and Danny D. Enough food for 14 great tracks! (That's right, 14. The tracklist shows 15 but they are not all on the cd. I couldn't find the last song; Return to the bass that ate Miami).

Track 9) Boom I got yo' bass

Maybe they had it on the original Food For Woofers release, but I don't have that one (yet ^^).

As you can see it's the same release but with a different color than the one distributed by Quality Centers (more details HERE).

Track 12) Bass it to the max

If you want to hear some more take a look overHERE.

OK that's it, goodbye for now...

Jun 29, 2012

Bass Creations - Volume 3

Scarface grooves

I don't know what to say about this one...
One moment we are listening to that old G-Funk with Marvelous JC;

Then the other moment we are on that smooth BDK tip courtesy of MC Taste; 

Finally a little bit of Bass;

 And before you know it, you get hit with some Tek-No;

and Hip House;

I think you get the picture! If you're interested in checking out all the Bass Creations styles then I advice you to go and take a look OVERHERE .

Jun 26, 2012

Splack Pack - Let Me C-Ya Scrub Da Ground

Now and then when you're lucky, you can find some cool Pandisc promotional cd's on eBay. 
Here I have 2 of those. Both cd singles are by Splack Pack!

Listen to "Let me c-ya work it" on YouTube. 6 Tracks all together.


 4 Tracks on this one.


Jun 21, 2012

Jam Pony Express - The Legend Continues...

Bass style music

I know you know and if you didn't know now you know:


So here's what you do; get a drink, sit back, press play and enjoy... (but I don't think you'll be able to stay seated!)

Jam Pony Express can be found on facebook. Go to http://www.facebook.com/OriginalJPE and "like" their page...

NOW please!

Jun 16, 2012

Bass Yarou Vol. 1

Dance and boom this sound!

BASS野郎・零. Another collection of Joey Boy Records music. As usual they added some ragga/reggaeton tracks, this time from "The Rasta Crew". Maybe they should have named these cd's "Joey Boy Yarou", since there's not only bass music on them.

Get a load of The Rasta Crew with track No 2; "Que se quiten 1"

Good? Also we have some songs from the "Cosmic Conspiracy" cd (which I featured OVERHERE), but this time the performing artist is credited by his real name; Scott Weiser.

08. Time traveler

 Here's some more info about this cd, straight from Bad News Records itself!


PRICE:1,886JPY | BNCP12 | 2000/03/23

1.Miami Bass / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 2. Que Se Quiten I / The Rasata Crew 3. Dat Monae / Madd Blunted 4. Criticones / The Rasta Crew 5. Prepare For Departure / Scott Weiser 6. Kick It Over Here / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 7. South Beach Girls / B.A.S.S 8. Time Traveler / Scott Weiser 9.Parle / Madd Blunted 10. Que Se Quiten II / The Rasta Crew 11. Enjoy My Body / Scott Weiser 12. Layn Like Dat / Mega Jon Bass featuring Ice Man J 13. Criticones II/ The Rasta Crew

We selected songs famous Bass label called Joey boy records. Dance and boom this sound! 

Now I'm confused! The Rasata Crew?  I'm happy we still have Mega Jon Bass and Madd Blunted to save the day (or should I say cd?). Since you already heard so much about the Ice Man (like HERE and HERE) we'll play some Madd Blunted...

You like that don't you?? If you do, I got a little something for you overHERE ! If you don't, I guess you know what to do!


Jun 12, 2012

Pandisc - Ready For Radio!

The 1992 cd sampler

A glimpse of what Pandisc had to offer in '92. All versions are radio friendly naturally!!

Jun 9, 2012

Bass Mekanik - Kontrol

You have heard about it, now you can really hear it; the new Bass Mekanik album has arrived!

KONTROL is a return to the classic techno bass sound that BASS MEKANIK is best known for. The sound is loud, clean and aggressive with an overall Techno edge featuring Dubstep flavors on several tracks.

Released 06 June 2012

Here's one of my favorite tracks. Go to bandcamp and buy the full album!