Jun 18, 2021





Today I bring you a really cool CD, or better yet a 3 CD! This might well be the rarest find in my collection. What we have here is a 3 CD box released in Taiwan in 1996 by the Mingjing Studio (明鏡影音館). Check it out, came is a cardboard slide case















There is no Taiwanese bass music on the CD's though but a slur of classics from Neurodisc, Newton, IBP, Pandisc, you know, "the regulars". What makes it interesting is that it's not just a compilation but the tracks come "by way of Japan" so to say. Let me explain; the cover was clearly taken from/inspired by the "Bass Ya Low - Erotica" (Bass野郎 エロチカ) series. See the comparison with Volume 1, clearly the pic from the inside:


So at first I thought the 3 CD's were "Erotica" Vol 1, 2 and 3. I even prepared this picture lol:


But it turned out to be more complicated that that. Disc 1 starts out like Erotica 2 and ends with the tracks from Erotica 1. Disc 3 shows 15 tracks on the cover but in reality only has 12, some "Erotica" and disc 2 has a bunch of stuff I don't even know what it is. Even a few Debonaire tracks in "Erotica" style that I couldn't find on the series. I just gave up trying to figure it out and enjoyed the music. Isn't that the whole idea anyhow? 

I will be honest, very pleased with this find!

















Jun 13, 2021

Bass Tapes Part 3

 Another batch of tapes from the Philippines

DJ Laz - King Of Bass

 Miami Bass Sound


Yet anoter one of those covers that look familiar but there is something off. In this case I would say it is this:


This is DJ Laz's "The King Of Bass" album released by CID from Brazil. All 12 tracks are the same as on the original Pandisc release, so if you're not in Brazil the only reason why you would search for it is because you are an addicted collector like me... 

Search for the Brazilian release I mean because if you don't know this album you should definately look it up. I has some classics like the Reckless remake and Let Your Body Rock (+ 10 more)





Jun 12, 2021

Bass Gangsters

In Japan


Can you see it? When I saw this image during a Google search I realised there was something "wrong", something missing... Were was that classic DM Records "CAUTION MEGA LOW BASS May Damage Speakers" banner?? You know, this one:














So after some more Googling that night it turned out this was (I know, yet another) Japanese release! Released by Dolphin Entertainmetn co, Ltd Japan. The same guys that brought us the "Feel The Bass" series. They did have a warning also, on the OBI:













Dolphin also did the "Old School Players" CD (maybe they did more but these are the ones I know off). I know we are all different, but I think they really look nice with the OBI strips... and the extra DM stickers ;-)











I also have anohter Japanese DM release; "Bass Sound Off U.S.A. Volume 3". This is not a Dolphin release however but AMERICANA.


I actually haven't opened this one yet, but what seem to be the major difference with the Dolphin releases is that the Americana CD seems to be the original US release. The Dolphin CD's have Japanese liner notes and a new catalog number:


While the Americana release still has the original US catalog number. So I think they simply added an OBI strip without doing more work on it...

La Compilation Mega Bass 3

 House - Techno - Jungle


It's been a while since I posted one from the Bass Tuning series. It's a good moment anyhow to post a French release, with all this Japanese stuff around here recently. First thing I'd like to mention though is that my scanner couldn't really capture the beautiful color of this cd. Look at the difference with this pic:













Much nicer right? Don't tell me you wouldn't pick this one up if you saw it on the shelves?? 

The music; some stuff that has a UK, 2 step vibe like this one (the "Jungle" on the cover?)




This one must be the "House". Some of that retro disco that was popular around the Y2K.








There are 10 tracks on this release. They are not all by "Super" but those were the ones that caught my attention.














I'll be back with part 4...

Jun 8, 2021

Dance Dragon Special Sampler

Carrozeria Ultra bass Sound



The die hard readers of my blog might remember that time when I talked about "Bomb the bass has attacked?". So when I saw this cool sampler for sale I thought it was a sampler for "Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 1". Upon "further research" however I found out that "Dance Dragon Bass" actually was the bass version of another series of dance compilations called "Dance Dragon", with Vol. 1 being "Dance Dragon Has Landed Vol. 1"! 

Some pictures will clear the whole thing up, but first let me show you some more of this cool sampler. I had seen this type of mini cd before, but in all honestly I had never seen this kind of packaging...























A very nice item to have IMO! The music sucks, OK, IDGAF! :-p 

These are the 2 tracks on the cd; "Boogie Wonderland" and "Everybody Get Up And Boogie"


Sucks hard right??  The first track was from DD Bass and the 2nd track from DD Has Landed. 

These pics will finally clarify everything:
















"Dance Dragon Has Landed Vol. 1" is all eurodance, a genre which I REALLY can't stand! I was able to upload 1 track to my YouTube channel, the other ones I never want to hear again!




As for "Dance Dragon Bass Vol.1", it will never become an all-time classic but at least it's better than the eurodance trash of the regular series. It has a more funky vibe like this:




Alright, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed today's blabber. And if you would have any more questions, just shoot me a message...

Jun 2, 2021

Drive By Bass 2

 More XXX Hardcore Bass

But just like last time I couldn't hear any. Not that it's a bad release, but I would expect something else when you talk about "XXX Hardcore Bass". Maybe more like what Mr Bassman did for "Bass In Your Face 5", THAT was XXX! 

But as I said, not bad though. Check out a few uptempo jams: 

As always there is MORE on my YouTube Channel


But before you head over there, take a look at the hologram cover by Gelardi Design: