Jun 8, 2021

Dance Dragon Special Sampler

Carrozeria Ultra bass Sound



The die hard readers of my blog might remember that time when I talked about "Bomb the bass has attacked?". So when I saw this cool sampler for sale I thought it was a sampler for "Dance Dragon Bass Vol. 1". Upon "further research" however I found out that "Dance Dragon Bass" actually was the bass version of another series of dance compilations called "Dance Dragon", with Vol. 1 being "Dance Dragon Has Landed Vol. 1"! 

Some pictures will clear the whole thing up, but first let me show you some more of this cool sampler. I had seen this type of mini cd before, but in all honestly I had never seen this kind of packaging...























A very nice item to have IMO! The music sucks, OK, IDGAF! :-p 

These are the 2 tracks on the cd; "Boogie Wonderland" and "Everybody Get Up And Boogie"


Sucks hard right??  The first track was from DD Bass and the 2nd track from DD Has Landed. 

These pics will finally clarify everything:
















"Dance Dragon Has Landed Vol. 1" is all eurodance, a genre which I REALLY can't stand! I was able to upload 1 track to my YouTube channel, the other ones I never want to hear again!




As for "Dance Dragon Bass Vol.1", it will never become an all-time classic but at least it's better than the eurodance trash of the regular series. It has a more funky vibe like this:




Alright, that's it for now. Hope you enjoyed today's blabber. And if you would have any more questions, just shoot me a message...

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