Jun 18, 2021





Today I bring you a really cool CD, or better yet a 3 CD! This might well be the rarest find in my collection. What we have here is a 3 CD box released in Taiwan in 1996 by the Mingjing Studio (明鏡影音館). Check it out, came is a cardboard slide case















There is no Taiwanese bass music on the CD's though but a slur of classics from Neurodisc, Newton, IBP, Pandisc, you know, "the regulars". What makes it interesting is that it's not just a compilation but the tracks come "by way of Japan" so to say. Let me explain; the cover was clearly taken from/inspired by the "Bass Ya Low - Erotica" (Bass野郎 エロチカ) series. See the comparison with Volume 1, clearly the pic from the inside:


So at first I thought the 3 CD's were "Erotica" Vol 1, 2 and 3. I even prepared this picture lol:


But it turned out to be more complicated that that. Disc 1 starts out like Erotica 2 and ends with the tracks from Erotica 1. Disc 3 shows 15 tracks on the cover but in reality only has 12, some "Erotica" and disc 2 has a bunch of stuff I don't even know what it is. Even a few Debonaire tracks in "Erotica" style that I couldn't find on the series. I just gave up trying to figure it out and enjoyed the music. Isn't that the whole idea anyhow? 

I will be honest, very pleased with this find!

















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