Jul 4, 2021

La Compilation Mega Bass 4 - Kill The Bass!



Hi guys I'm back with another Bass Tuning release; Volume 4. And now it gets rather interesting, from a collector's point of view ofcourse. You see, this CD was also released in Gemany, so it became "die Kompilation" instead of "la compilation" (pic 1). In France they were already at part 4 but the German release is the first one there (pic 2). What makes it even more confusing is that the color scheme they used for the first German release is that of the first French release (pics 3 & 4) but the tracks are actually that of the 4th one (pic 5). Are you still following? Take a look at the pics:



So now about those tracks. We have Labo 54, Tuner 93, MC Fou and DJ's Porn.

Labo 54 takes care of the bass tests, listen to "Subbass Test"


Tuner 93 does the "Two Steps" (more on YouTube)



MC Fou the "Hip Hop" (more on YouTube)




And DJ's Porn finish it up with some "Techno"



I guess it wasn't such a bad idea of the Germans to start with this one. I like all the Labo 54 and Tuner 93 tracks. The only music I don't dig is DJ's Porn. 

I'll be back soon with the last volume...

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