Jul 23, 2021

Bass In Your Face Vol VI

Bass-O-Matic - Non stop mix!


Good cd! Only thing I don't understand is the "non stop mix!" part. I don't hear anything mixed. Maybe there is not too much of a pause between the tracks, but no mixing lol. So as I said, it's a good cd... but if you're an experienced bass collector and/or listener there will be nothing new to discover though :( This is the Ghetto Bass DJ's release "Bass Power" repackaged + 2 added tracks!









Because of this I didn't even have to upload anything to YouTube because I already posted "Bass Power" on the Miami Bass History channel 7 years ago, easy.




So then what are the 2 extra tracks. They added these right before the test section starts; "Bass blaster" and "Bass can you feel it?".



You have to give it to the Nippon Crown guys, they know what they are doing. Since Ghetto Bass DJ's are Keith "Mr Bassman" Rosenberg and Jorge "DJ Lace" Jaramillo (aka 2BMF), they added 2 DJ Lace tracks.

"Bass Blaster" is originally "Android Power" 




And " Bass Can You Feel It?" is originally... "Bass, Can You Feel It?"



So now you know all about this release. You could try to get this one for a multitude of reasons; you're a 2BMF collector, you're a BIYF collector, you want every cd ever made, you don't know what to spend your money on,  you collect stickers, the choice is yours. YOU do YOU.

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