Feb 25, 2015

Official USACi Outlaw SPL / Street Beat CD


This is one of the other USACI cd's I was talking about in my other post. While that one featured music from the ever booming IBP label, this one was made possible thanks to Bass Mekanik! Only 5 music tracks here... The tracklist says number 15 is a suprise but it's actually number 14 that is "????", because 15 is "Drop with it". "????" is DJ Billy E's "Break it down" from Nightmare on Bass Street Part 1.

Tracks 2 till 10 are test tracks but with a beat added. A beat that REALLY sounds like something DJ Billy E would come up with. All tracks have the same beat but with different frequencies added. Here's the intro and track 2; the 110hz, 165hz, 88hz test...

I don't think you want to hear the "Zero data test"...?

Feb 21, 2015

Bassrocker - Rock Tha Bass

A One Rascal production

I had seen this cd online many times and I just knew it was not gonna be the best out there. But what I did NOT know was that it is produced by the One Rascal Albert Cabrera! You know, the producer and edit king who already gave us a bass album on this blog, namely "The Bass Project" on Pandisc.
What I also didn't know is that one of the rappers on this album is Won-Tu, better known as Hanson from Hanson & Davis. The duo that made this club classic:

The rap tracks are for sure not the headlines on this release. Here's Won-Tu with "Kiss the puppet"

And the other rapper, Celo, with "Rhythm, rocks, stop"

The instrumental tracks are rather bumping though...

Photography by Marti Griffin & Associates Inc.
Photo art direction & graphic design by Jill A. McCarthy.

Feb 20, 2015

Y2K Bug - Journey To The Next Millennium

No one will remain unaffected

On January 1st, 2000 get ready to PANIC!

The BASSic Disturbance cd made me listen to some of Debonaire's IBP releases again, and as you can imagine, they are really great! Like this one from "Y2K Bug" (IBP 0028). Remember when the year 2000 was approaching and "the whole world" was in fear of the Millenium bug? Luckily for us nothing happened but Debonaire made a great cd dealing with the whole theme, released in 1999.

On track 4 you can follow the countdown clock...

Or party like it's your last day...

Now if the Y2K virus would have REALLY struck, we wouldn't have been able to go to www.catastrophe.com ofcourse, duh!


This might be the best track of the album. The beat really starts slapping at 1:34!!

And to finish today's post off, here's the 16:49 minutes megamix. He warned you; NO ONE will remain unaffected!!!!!!

Oh yeah, design by Coral Reef Design Group. 

Check out the fear mongering!!

Feb 14, 2015

BASSic Disturbance - 2LD4U

SPL Competition Disc

Very cool bass CD released by USACi of Texas. 80 Tracks in total! OK, there are only 13 music tracks ofcourse and 55 sign waves (26 HZ to 80 HZ). We also get pink noise, sweeps, 'in' and 'out of' phase, a stage test and last but not least: digital silence! But concerning the music tracks; what do you think? Pandisc? Bass Mekanik? No, not this time! It's IBP time! 11 Classics from Debonaire 's IBP releases (Circuit Breaker, Bass Fraternity, The Bassorcist, Recone Kit and Professor Hum Drum), 1 from DJ Billy E's "Nightmare on bass street" and "Bass boom bottom" from Power Supply's album with the same title (Not an IBP release!). Confusing? Just take a look at the inlay, that'll clear things up...

USACi intro


and some Digital silence! Oh yeah!

To schedule an event feel free to contact USACi of Texas thru https://www.facebook.com/USACiofTEXAS. This CD was made in participation with Heat Wave Inc, RE Audio, Mystic Entertainment and M5DESIGNS. I have some more USACiofTEXAS CD's so stay tuned...

Feb 12, 2015

Bass Boom -N- Hip Hop Volume II

Presented by Dynamix II Records

Holy cow! How time flies! I posted Volume I in may 2012 but I thought I just did only a few months ago... Anyhow, another nice sampler. 8 Tracks on this one. 2 Of them are taken from the unreleased "Jock D Wrecks the Planet" CD (OK, that album was released digitally but that was years later), the others from Quad Queen's "Queen of Quad", Bass Junkies' "Addicted to Bass" and the Dawgzillaz album.

Unfortunately the CD came without a backcover, but it's so rare and the "price was right" so I bought it already, maybe one day I'll find a complete one... 

To finish off we'll take a look at what was for sale from Dynamix II in 1995:


The "Lesbo Boom Freaks"? 2 CD's? Wow! Who's got it??

Feb 9, 2015

Bass Trancemission

A Statik Production

Yep, all tracks written, arranged, scratched, conceived, produced and performed by Adam Feinsilver aka Statik. You know, the same guy who did the "Quad Squad - Bottom Out" album I posted a few days ago. I think this album was released first. There's 15 tracks to be boomed here and 2 of them are NOT on "Bottom Out";

The tracklist doesn't make sense at all. Some of the listed songs are not even on the cd but other uncredited ones are, and the order they are written in is also completely wrong, but I'll spare you the details. I'm happy I had the Quad Squad release as a reference, otherwise I wouldn't have a clue as to what I was listening to. Don't believe me? Buy one and find out for yourself...

Feb 6, 2015

Deiko - Bass Dance Music

Also known as BDM


This is Deiko's 4th release already. I know I should have posted his other albums before, if not only to promote the Bass Mekanik, but in all honesty I haven't been a real fan of his work. His trap beats weren't THAT bad, but they sounded too much like loops, and not actual songs. His previous cd had an ambient feeling to it but it almost made me fall asleep. But THIS one is actually not bad at all! "Beat Dominator 2015?" even came to mind...

I already liked the title before I started listening; BDM. With all these EDM "dj's" making all the money these days, it's a reminder that Bass Music was and is the original electronic dance music, so BDM it is... and BDM we get!

Hey, even the trap tracks are more than enjoyable!

I tell you, if this wasn't a Bass Mekanik presentation, I would have probably never started listening to the following track...

... but nobody's perfect ok? So you just head over to iTunes, Amazon, Juno or wherever you feel like heading over to and get this album...