Feb 12, 2015

Bass Boom -N- Hip Hop Volume II

Presented by Dynamix II Records

Holy cow! How time flies! I posted Volume I in may 2012 but I thought I just did only a few months ago... Anyhow, another nice sampler. 8 Tracks on this one. 2 Of them are taken from the unreleased "Jock D Wrecks the Planet" CD (OK, that album was released digitally but that was years later), the others from Quad Queen's "Queen of Quad", Bass Junkies' "Addicted to Bass" and the Dawgzillaz album.

Unfortunately the CD came without a backcover, but it's so rare and the "price was right" so I bought it already, maybe one day I'll find a complete one... 

To finish off we'll take a look at what was for sale from Dynamix II in 1995:


The "Lesbo Boom Freaks"? 2 CD's? Wow! Who's got it??

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