Feb 14, 2015

BASSic Disturbance - 2LD4U

SPL Competition Disc

Very cool bass CD released by USACi of Texas. 80 Tracks in total! OK, there are only 13 music tracks ofcourse and 55 sign waves (26 HZ to 80 HZ). We also get pink noise, sweeps, 'in' and 'out of' phase, a stage test and last but not least: digital silence! But concerning the music tracks; what do you think? Pandisc? Bass Mekanik? No, not this time! It's IBP time! 11 Classics from Debonaire 's IBP releases (Circuit Breaker, Bass Fraternity, The Bassorcist, Recone Kit and Professor Hum Drum), 1 from DJ Billy E's "Nightmare on bass street" and "Bass boom bottom" from Power Supply's album with the same title (Not an IBP release!). Confusing? Just take a look at the inlay, that'll clear things up...

USACi intro


and some Digital silence! Oh yeah!

To schedule an event feel free to contact USACi of Texas thru https://www.facebook.com/USACiofTEXAS. This CD was made in participation with Heat Wave Inc, RE Audio, Mystic Entertainment and M5DESIGNS. I have some more USACiofTEXAS CD's so stay tuned...

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