Feb 25, 2015

Official USACi Outlaw SPL / Street Beat CD


This is one of the other USACI cd's I was talking about in my other post. While that one featured music from the ever booming IBP label, this one was made possible thanks to Bass Mekanik! Only 5 music tracks here... The tracklist says number 15 is a suprise but it's actually number 14 that is "????", because 15 is "Drop with it". "????" is DJ Billy E's "Break it down" from Nightmare on Bass Street Part 1.

Tracks 2 till 10 are test tracks but with a beat added. A beat that REALLY sounds like something DJ Billy E would come up with. All tracks have the same beat but with different frequencies added. Here's the intro and track 2; the 110hz, 165hz, 88hz test...

I don't think you want to hear the "Zero data test"...?

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