Feb 20, 2015

Y2K Bug - Journey To The Next Millennium

No one will remain unaffected

On January 1st, 2000 get ready to PANIC!

The BASSic Disturbance cd made me listen to some of Debonaire's IBP releases again, and as you can imagine, they are really great! Like this one from "Y2K Bug" (IBP 0028). Remember when the year 2000 was approaching and "the whole world" was in fear of the Millenium bug? Luckily for us nothing happened but Debonaire made a great cd dealing with the whole theme, released in 1999.

On track 4 you can follow the countdown clock...

Or party like it's your last day...

Now if the Y2K virus would have REALLY struck, we wouldn't have been able to go to www.catastrophe.com ofcourse, duh!


This might be the best track of the album. The beat really starts slapping at 1:34!!

And to finish today's post off, here's the 16:49 minutes megamix. He warned you; NO ONE will remain unaffected!!!!!!

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Check out the fear mongering!!

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