Oct 29, 2012

Two Live Crew - Move somthin'

The mother of all booty covers...

... this album was a real "eyeopener" visually as well as auditory back then ^^

I'm sure you all know this classic with hits like 


The cover I posted is from the 1998 Japanese release on Cutting Edge. Unfortunately no added artwork, only an extra booklet that I can't read anyhow...

Relive your youth and listen to the darn thing again right HERE.

Oct 27, 2012

25 Keyz

Is back! (did he ever leave?)

with the follow-up to his smash hit "Make noize"

which is still available for $1 only!! (you can always donate more)

What are you waiting for??

More 25 Keyz:

on facebook HERE
@ reverbnation HERE


Oct 25, 2012

Kuschel Bass

Warning! Ultra-low frequencies down to 10 Hz

Hahaha! OK, I'm sorry man! So you're wife or girlfriend didn't like the Get It Boyz' lyrics? ^^
I can imagine. But don't worry, here I have something so you can make up; Kuschel Bass.
10 Smooth "bass" tracks from the good people over at United Sound (remember Bass Maximizer and Bass Energizer?). 

Take a listen:

02. Listen to me

03. Freaking me

04. I like

And? Chillin' yet?

05. Touch me there

06. Thinking of you

07. I want you boy


10. Keep'n it real

Get your KUSCHEL on!!!

[mit Unterst├╝tzung von KICKER, American's Music Machines]

Oct 20, 2012


Nu musik from bassmekanik.com

OK, not "2012 nu" but more like "2001 nu", because then it was nu. U nu what I mean? 
Another quality cd from bassmekanik.com. Hipnotek, "Hip Hop and Tekno", another one of Afro-Rican's Rahming side projects, this time with DJ Smiley. Some bangin' beats and nice artwork (by Bronson Boufford).

Bangin beats:

Nice artwork:

Bangin beats:

Nice artwork:


Bangin beats:


Nice artwork:

Chill out...

The lowest bass in cyberspace

Oct 16, 2012

Get It Boyz - Nasty Bass

And nasty it was

Another Pandisc album release (number 29 to be exact). You can hear x-rated lyrics were fashionable around that time (aren't they still??) because this was not the type of stuff to play when your mother was around ^^

Some classic material on this one anyhow. Remember this?

When I start listening to this track, I keep hearing "heeeeyyyy, let's go let's go..." ^^

Bass anthem right here!

Freestyle jam

And a lot more where that came from (which is HERE)

Also released on vinyl!!

Oct 11, 2012

Bassman & D.J. Lace - Jeep Beats For Bass Headz

2 BMF does it again!

Did you see the Miami Bass History preview to the Keith "Beatmaster Wizzy" Rosenberg interview?

We shouldn't forget that in 1995 he did another project with D.J. Lace, "Jeep Beats for Bass Headz" on StreetBeat Records. Who best to explain what they were trying to do with this cd than Mr Bassman and DJ Lace themselves:

After that being said, doesn't this track remind you of a Beastie Boys classic??

Does this sound familiar??


And there's more like that on the cd. You know what? Just sit back and listen to the whole darn thing right here ====================================================>


Or better yet! SAVE IT FOR LATER!!

Oct 3, 2012

Go! Go! Miami rappers

What can I say?

Here we have a 1992 Luke Records compilation manufactured and distributed by Teichiku Records Co, Ltd. Japan. The music is no problem, 12 tracks by some of your favorite artists; Luke, Precise M.C., Fresh Kid Ice, Poison Clan, Bustdown, Jiggie Gee and the 2 Live Crew. But the artwork!! ^^ If you think the front cover is crazy, wait till you see the rest (inside and back)! I'm warning you before you scroll down, this shit might give you a nightmare ok?

First I'll add a few tracks so you can consider continuing or not...

04. Fresh Kid Ice - Dick'em down (Club mix)

 06. Bustdown - Nasty bitch

11. Luke - Breakdown (DJ Laz bass mix)

OK! You ready? Don't say I didn't warn you...

And there you have it: "Miss Luke"???!!!

Like "Mr. Luke" said: "Ain't that a bitch?"

After you've recovered from the shock, just listen to everything again HERE...

Oct 2, 2012

Megajon Bass - Super Hero From The Hood

Man or machine?

This is too good to be true; Mega Jon Bass hit us by surprise and came with a brand new album for 2012!!

Check it out...


Debonaire's Triple Headed Dragon!

Maggotron - Digital Bass
Cited as one of the "pioneers" of Miami Bass, but revamped, morphed and twisted into an adventurous groove with an all new sound palette. Adding a little chaos into the mix.
Available for Digital Download on 9.11.12

Freak Force Crew - The Main Idea Is Bass
A dangerous assortment of trunk rattling beats and masterful turntable tricks showcased in a deliberately raw style. Representing Miami Bass to the fullest.
Available for Digital Download on 9.18.12

CeeOnic - Straight From The Socket
Reemerges with another overdose of irresistible breakdance style electro funk jams for fans of the old school. Time-honored space funk to the purest degree.
Available for Digital Download on 9.25.12

All 3 releases available for download at DebonaireRecords.com or anywhere you buy digital music.

Thank you for your support,
Debonaire Records Team