Oct 3, 2012

Go! Go! Miami rappers

What can I say?

Here we have a 1992 Luke Records compilation manufactured and distributed by Teichiku Records Co, Ltd. Japan. The music is no problem, 12 tracks by some of your favorite artists; Luke, Precise M.C., Fresh Kid Ice, Poison Clan, Bustdown, Jiggie Gee and the 2 Live Crew. But the artwork!! ^^ If you think the front cover is crazy, wait till you see the rest (inside and back)! I'm warning you before you scroll down, this shit might give you a nightmare ok?

First I'll add a few tracks so you can consider continuing or not...

04. Fresh Kid Ice - Dick'em down (Club mix)

 06. Bustdown - Nasty bitch

11. Luke - Breakdown (DJ Laz bass mix)

OK! You ready? Don't say I didn't warn you...

And there you have it: "Miss Luke"???!!!

Like "Mr. Luke" said: "Ain't that a bitch?"

After you've recovered from the shock, just listen to everything again HERE...

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