Oct 2, 2012

Debonaire's Triple Headed Dragon!

Maggotron - Digital Bass
Cited as one of the "pioneers" of Miami Bass, but revamped, morphed and twisted into an adventurous groove with an all new sound palette. Adding a little chaos into the mix.
Available for Digital Download on 9.11.12

Freak Force Crew - The Main Idea Is Bass
A dangerous assortment of trunk rattling beats and masterful turntable tricks showcased in a deliberately raw style. Representing Miami Bass to the fullest.
Available for Digital Download on 9.18.12

CeeOnic - Straight From The Socket
Reemerges with another overdose of irresistible breakdance style electro funk jams for fans of the old school. Time-honored space funk to the purest degree.
Available for Digital Download on 9.25.12

All 3 releases available for download at DebonaireRecords.com or anywhere you buy digital music.

Thank you for your support,
Debonaire Records Team

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