Nov 27, 2012

Booty Bass Party

DM Vinyl

Not a top album but they didn't release a lot of vinyl lp's on DM Records (two?) so that makes it kinda interesting...

Or not?

Anyhow, take a listen...

Pod anybody???

Nov 23, 2012

Bass Patrol! Vol. 3

Every body unite! With DA bass sounds!

You heard it: UNITE!! ^^ It's been some time since I hit you with a BASS PATROL! volume so here we have number 3. On this one the usual collection of Joey Boy/On Top records releases (+ DJ Laz).


You can take a listen to those tracks HERE.

Only 3 tracks I didn't hear before, all by the "Bass Masters". Take a listen:

Nov 22, 2012

DB Jams - Volume 6

High SPL!!


The official dB Drag Racing competition cd for the year 2003 with 99 tracks!!... But only 3 of them are music... Other than that we get Sweeps, Sine Waves, Tone Bursts and Pink Noise... here's the music:

Nov 17, 2012

Senhor De Baixo - Bass From Hell 3

The end?

I hope not... 

Don't know if you knew already but "he's baaaaaack!" If you like your music very dark, and your bass very low, THIS is your thing.

Here's the official "trailer" from Bassotronics' YouTube channel:

I can't give away too much but here are 2 small samples to give you a better idea of what's inside...

05. Bass garden of hell

09. Everlasting nightmare

Impressed? Then you better head over to eBay or Soundcloud and get yourself a copy immediately! Not only will you get 18 deep bass tracks but the cd also comes with complete artwork. Where can you still find that these days?....

Nov 15, 2012

DJ Nasty Knock + DJ Ace With Crew - Men In Bass

Cooperated by Low Rider Magazine Japan

Here we have another prime example of why I started this blog! Remember my shipment form Japan? This was one of the gems that were in there (THIS was another one, and I have more coming). Crazy artwork by Kazunori Okuyama. I love this kind of sh*t! I didn't really know what to expect with this one but I could have imagined; a Street Street Music compilation with hits from DJ Nasty Knock, DJ Ace, South Side Pride and Fatal Attraction.
So that's a good thing!

As you can hear that megamix gives a good impression of what the whole cd sounds like (minus a few slower tracks near the end). Overall a good buy. Here's another booty shaker, this one's by Fatal Attraction:

and a Fatal Attraction mega mix:

Who else did we have? Oh yeah, DJ Ace:

and South Side Pride:

You can find some more tracks on my YouTube channel or HERE.

For those of you who read Japanese, there's also a Men In Bass comic included, so you better check it out!


Nov 14, 2012

Bassmo Bill & Friends - Dance Bass Trance

Vol. 2

I'm a little bit confused by this cover... 

Is this "Bassmo Bill Vol 2 - Dance, bass, trance", with Vol 1 being this one?
Or is this "Bassmo Bill & Friends - Dance, bass, trance Vol 2", meaning there is a Vol 1 of "Dance, bass, trance" being released? 
Or maybe "Bassmo Bill & Friends Vol 2 - Dance, bass, trance", with Vol 1 featuring other genres of music?
The only thing I found out about Bassmo Bill is that he's been out of business for some time... Take a look here.

Anyway, what makes it more confusing is that I don't hear any dance, bass OR trance on the whole cd?? 
Take a listen; could this be the "dance"?

Could this be the "bass"?

Could this be the "trance"?

I don't know man... but I'm also not gonna lose any sleep over it. If you want to investigate some more yourself go to my Youtube channel or listen to it on your own channel.

HERE are some other Bassmo Bill Records releases.

Nov 9, 2012

Maggotron - The Bass that Ate Miami

(Soundchasers vs. Hydraulix 2012 Remix)

Maggotron - The Bass that Ate Miami (Teknik vs. Jimi the Genius 2012 Remix).mp3

Baddasssoundsystem - Hot import nights

Continuously mixed and scratched by Billy-E

That's right! Another good Pandisc release with all tracks produced by Billy-E, along with the B.A.S.S.! This cd was probably made for, or dedicated to the Hot Import Nights car shows. In the liner notes it reads; 

"Special thanks goes out to all the fans of import racing and car audio world wide! You keep this music alive!"

There's some nice beats on it, like this one, Futurama 2003:

Originally there was another B.A.S.S. cd in the making called "Crunk in your trunk", but I'm not sure if it was ever released...

But whatever happened, this type of sound definitely set the tone for Billy E's next project, 2005's "Tuner beats". Still available from Bandcamp HERE.

So while we wait for "Tuner beats 3" to be released, I'll leave you with some more B.A.S.S.!