Apr 25, 2015

Bass Tapes

Made in the Philippines!


'Once upon a time' bass music was really booming! (pun intended ofcourse). I found (read "bought") some bass cassette tapes manufactured by Universal Records in the Philippines...

Pandisc Records


Neurodisc Records

Street Beat Records

NewTown Records

Apr 22, 2015

Bass Freaks

"Front cover in the back" series...


Remember the "Bass Zone" post? That one also had the front cover in the back, or the back cover in the front. And funny enough that one was also not so great, just like this one. These 2 tracks are the bass-y-est on the cd:

All tracks were written by Goldfinger and I think he's more into a funky, playalistic type a flow... but tbt; I'm not really feeling it...

Luckily there's a nice mini-poster for the garage* or workshop* that comes with this release

And before I forget, here's the back cover that should have been the front cover (although I have this feeling you saw it already)...

*mini-poster can be put anywhere you feel like ofcourse

Apr 13, 2015

Space Bass - Planet Bass

Who got the bass? SPACE BASS!


A few more cd's like this and I'll change the title of this blog to "Cabrera's bass covers". That's right, another Albert Cabrera production for One Rascal Prod. Inc. This time released on the Food For Woofers label (FFW 012 CD). Not all tracks are for me but there are some really dope ones present. Progressive - Drum n bass - Electro - Bass... here's a selection:

Not to be slept on...