Jul 21, 2014

Bass Zone

Extreme exposure to this recording will juke your guts


Funny cd this one... to start with the music's not really tops imo. By the look of it you would think it's "just another" car audio bass cd but actually it sounds more like a "cheap" hip hop album...

And secondly the covers look like they've been mixed up. I didn't make a mistake, that IS the frontcover,  see:

but it looks more like it was meant to be in the back. And the back cover.. that one really would have looked good in the front...

In the meantime here's an attempt at booty bass:

And I will leave you people with another view of featured model Betty's legs. The photography was done by Marti Griffin, the vehicles were provided courtesy of Roswell Jeep Eagle - Roswell, GA and last but not least; the lingerie was provided by Looks of Atlanta!