May 29, 2021

Drive By Bass 1

 XXX Hardcore Bass



Bass music travelled far! This is originally a Canadian release but I found it online in Indonesia of all places! I can't find anything about this series anywhere on the whole Google though. Maybe YOU know something about it?

The related websites used to be and and they seemed to have been active from like 2000 to 2003 I think. 

The cd has a cool hologram, multi-image packaging by Gelardi Design.  Lemme try to show you in this video:



The music is not so bad either. It's no Magic Mike or Mega Jon Bass ofcourse but still quite entertaining. 

This gives me a "cheap knock-off Bass Patrol" vibe (the first Patrol, not the one with Fury):


Pseudo Beat Dominator?



I didn't hear any of the XXX HARDCORE BASS that they promised but not bad, not bad...

You can listen to the whole Drive By on my YouTube channel right HERE

















OH YEAH! Don't go to far, I will be posting Vol. 2 shortly...

May 22, 2021

Felix The Cat - Mixed By DJ Ameken

 Not your average bass cover...


But the music is!! One would not expect, but there is some Newtown, some Neurodisc and a little bit of DM. I was hoping it would have been really "mixed" like the title said, but it's not actually like that. It's more a "cut and paste" compilation. That was rather disappointing.


The interesting part of this CD are the tracks by "Scorpio". No clue who is behind it, maybe DJ Ameken himself? But they are not that bad at all:


What is also very interesting is that in the tray we receive free drawing lessons. I have always wanted to draw Felix but could never figure out how to do it!  Thank you DJ Ameken and Bad News Records (y)  


Have some more Scorpio


Bass All Titles!




As a fan and collector of the Bass Patrol! series this was an awesome find for me! The promotional sampler CTCS-00001! Vol 3 and "Nothin But Bass" still had to be released.

This is more a collectible than something you NEED in your stacks but still there are 3 exclusive tracks on it by the "Bass Masters".  The tracks sound like Bass Patrol and Beat Dominator. I really wonder who was behind these. Check 'em out:





May 16, 2021

Bass Boom

 US and Euro BASS trax


A nice series for a collector this one... Why? Because the artwork is quality, there are 4 volumes to collect, but mainly because it was releases on Edel Records from Finland. A country not commonly associated with bass music! Seems they used to have an organization like IASCA named FASCA, Finnish AutoSound Challenge Association. If we translate the Wikipedia on FASCA we can see why only Bass Boom 1 has their logo on the backcover:

"Fasca (Finnish AutoSound Challenge Association) was the only official Finnish support organization for car audio and AutoSound competition, founded in 1992. Fasca's purpose was to promote and support car audio hobbies and public awareness. The main activity was AutoSound competitions, in which enthusiasts competed against each other within the framework of jointly agreed rules.

Fasca’s story ended sometime after the mid-2000s, the website disappeared in 2008. The reason for the dissolution of the organization was the ambiguity in the use of money and other internal matters.

Today, Finland's official car hi-fi umbrella organization is EMMA Finland."

Bass Boom was released in  2000, Bass Boom 2 in 2002, Bass Boom 3 in 2003 and Bass Boom 4 in... no, NOT 2004! In 2007. 

As you could read on the cover, each volume of Bass Boom has US and Euro bass trax. Personally I didn't enjoy any of the Euro trax; hard style, happy house, not my thing. The US trax however were supplied by Pandisc so that is always great news! Bass Mekanik fans will want these in their collection...

Enjoy the artwork and the music! 





May 9, 2021

DJ Magic Mike - Another Dimension

It has arrived!



Unfortunately I can't say much about the long awaited new DJ Magic Mike release except that it is a double album and that it is available now from his website:

Listen to 2 track previews from his latest Twitch stream:


So as you could hear, a cruise disc and a club disc.That is if you buy the cd ofcourse. If you buy the custom drive, I guess it will be "one disc all" ;-p



Oh man I can't wait for this one to arrive...

Bounce 96'

 Trunk Phunk



This is a Rip-It Records compilation featuring hits by 69 Boyz, 95 South, 24K and 10 K.A.N.S. There are also 2 other artists present, but before I get into that; I really keep wondering why the synthesis sign is behind 96? Isn't it supposed to be '96 instead of 96' ? Post a comment if you have an explanation for this.

So who are the other artist on this compilation? We have Flip Flop, produced by the Bass Mechanix:

And also The Turnpike Boyz, written and performed by Clay D! Click play and you are sure to recognize his signature voice...





This is the Japanese "GOLD" edition. Another "All Time Favorites" release, not sure if it was in the "Bass In Your Face Series" though...

This CD has the same 12 tracks as Bounce 96' + 3 (I think) exclusive remixes for this release!

May 2, 2021

Mega Jon Bass - Annihilation

 This was supposed to be his last album




But luckily for us he has released two more by now. "Bass Flight 808" and "The Best Of Mega Jon Bass 3". This guy can't quit, he is way too creative!

Ofcourse I support anything that Mega Jon Bass puts out, but I made this post for 2 reasons;

1. The cover is EPIC, hands down.

2. I am seriously addicted to track #8, "The algorithm". Wow, the build up is awesome. We really hear a master at work! 



Agree? Or not? Comment if you want. You can check out more from this album HERE on Mega Jon's SOUNDCLOUD, or buy a CD copy on Discogs HERE. You might want to hurry if you are interested in getting a fysical CD because he said he will be closing up shop! The website has been removed already. As you might expect, I got mine!