May 29, 2021

Drive By Bass 1

 XXX Hardcore Bass



Bass music travelled far! This is originally a Canadian release but I found it online in Indonesia of all places! I can't find anything about this series anywhere on the whole Google though. Maybe YOU know something about it?

The related websites used to be and and they seemed to have been active from like 2000 to 2003 I think. 

The cd has a cool hologram, multi-image packaging by Gelardi Design.  Lemme try to show you in this video:



The music is not so bad either. It's no Magic Mike or Mega Jon Bass ofcourse but still quite entertaining. 

This gives me a "cheap knock-off Bass Patrol" vibe (the first Patrol, not the one with Fury):


Pseudo Beat Dominator?



I didn't hear any of the XXX HARDCORE BASS that they promised but not bad, not bad...

You can listen to the whole Drive By on my YouTube channel right HERE

















OH YEAH! Don't go to far, I will be posting Vol. 2 shortly...

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