May 9, 2021

Bounce 96'

 Trunk Phunk



This is a Rip-It Records compilation featuring hits by 69 Boyz, 95 South, 24K and 10 K.A.N.S. There are also 2 other artists present, but before I get into that; I really keep wondering why the synthesis sign is behind 96? Isn't it supposed to be '96 instead of 96' ? Post a comment if you have an explanation for this.

So who are the other artist on this compilation? We have Flip Flop, produced by the Bass Mechanix:

And also The Turnpike Boyz, written and performed by Clay D! Click play and you are sure to recognize his signature voice...





This is the Japanese "GOLD" edition. Another "All Time Favorites" release, not sure if it was in the "Bass In Your Face Series" though...

This CD has the same 12 tracks as Bounce 96' + 3 (I think) exclusive remixes for this release!

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