Feb 27, 2014

Vicious Base - Back To Haunt You!

Featuring D.J. Magic Mike


I don't think this cd needs any introduction. A 1991 classic from MC Madness (R.I.P.), DJ Lace & DJ Magic Mike. I already posted the follow up to this one; "The Ghost Is Back" which was released on Newtown Records. Also released on vinyl ofcourse (not only black but also blue vinyl!), this cd has a bonus track unavailable on the record...

Artwork by none other than Wayne Tillett

What is your favorite? Gold edition cd or blue promo copy vinyl??

Feb 26, 2014

Megajon Bass - The Return Of Miami Bass 2 Compelation

All the good songs in one!

Didn't I tell you? The ink wasn't even dry yet on my latest Megajon post and here he is dropping another album again!! OK, it's a compilation (or compelation as he seems to call it) but I noticed he removed his other 2 albums "The Return Of Miami Bass" and "Super Hero From The Hood" from bandcamp, and these must be Megajon's favorite tracks from those ones. It's definately worth the $ 12.99 if you don't have any yet...

Feb 20, 2014

Club Bass

No cover charge - Proper audio gear required

This was the last release from that classic ever booming IBP label; IBP0032. Seriously difficult to get your hands on this one, but I finally did it (after about 3 to 4 years of digging). As you might guess from the title, the cd is full of ravy, aciddy, clubby beats, with a lot of BASS added ofcourse! Ofcourse, all tracks are arranged, tranced and raved by... The staff @ Debonaire Productions!! That's right: it's Debonaire Music!

Here is a good example of what to expect:

Debonaire himself called it "rave era car audio bass (3 out of 10 stars)". OK, maybe not his best work but a real sign of the times though, which is fun about listening to these cd's... Remember TLC's "No scrubs"?

I think this has to be the best track off this cd: "Twistology" featuring Mr "Girls get ill" Kool Slic...

Feb 19, 2014

Megajon Bass - Human And Electronic

Electronic bass...

Megajon, Megajon... this guy drops beats faster than we can listen to them... In 2012 he was the "Super Hero From The Hood". In 2013 he brought the "Return Of Miami Bass". And now, 2014 just started and he's dropping bassbombs again "Human And Electronic"! As the title clearly states the album does sound a little more electronic than pure Miami bass. Take a listen:

Also included is a new version of the classic "Dance Transformer" tune (you can also find a remix to this track on E-Rocker's "Electro Funk Machines" release!)

And a reworked version of The Glove's "Reckless"!

I don't know... my favorite might be "Mega Mix 3 C Da Light"... but ofcourse it's very difficult picking a favorite out of so many great jams...

Just buy the whole thing man. The easiest way to do that is getting it from Megajon's bandcamp page right here:


On that note I'll leave you with some straight fast Miami style: "The Beat Goes on"

Knowing Megajon I'm sure it will!!

Feb 14, 2014

E-Rocker - Electro Funk Machines

Long live electro funk!!!

OK, this is not a Bass album "per se" but enough reasons to post it here anyhow... to start with E-Rocker is a member of the Miami Bass History crew, second of all the cd has contributions by Smooth J, DJ Richie Rich and MegaJon (yes, the original dance transformer) and last but not least it's just an overall great electro cd!! To put it in the words of Nick TMF:  ( ( ( No one who knows of real Electro music should miss this ) ) )

You can order the cd or digital download at www.e-rocker.bandcamp.com or send email to order cd to e-rocker@hotmail.com.

If you order it direct you might get it autographed like I did! 

Need to listen first?

Only 100 pieces exist! So it's up to you; be fast or be too late...


Feb 10, 2014

Bassotronics - Trap Dis Bass

After his succesfull venture into dubstep with the "Bass-Step" release, Bassotronics aka Bassdroid 808 is giving trap a shot. I guess it will come as no surprise when I tell you he succeeded again. Not all 15 tracks on this release are trap though. We get a nice mix of sounds, all in that classic Bassotronics style ofcourse...

Here's what THEY say on the official Bass Mekanik bandcamp site:

"Bassotronics has the most unique style of all contemporary Bass Producer Artists, and his faithful and ever growing fan base is well aware of this.
His quirky sense of humor combined with massive chunks of bass and beats never fails to deliver the goods, and his new album TRAP DIS BASS is no exception.

Need I say more? A few of my favorites:

"I trap the police" (I mainly like that nervous piano like sound starting at 0:43)

"Bass 4 U" (The bass sound reminds me of that Bassadelic classic "Give it to them")

"Don't fail the boom" (Just one of those great melodic bass tracks that always seem to be finished too fast!)

But I'm sure you will pick your own favorites. Just take a listen to the full album, or better yet BUY the full album from bandcamp...

or from the iThing ofcourse https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bass-mekanik-presents-bassotronics/id796923480