Feb 20, 2014

Club Bass

No cover charge - Proper audio gear required

This was the last release from that classic ever booming IBP label; IBP0032. Seriously difficult to get your hands on this one, but I finally did it (after about 3 to 4 years of digging). As you might guess from the title, the cd is full of ravy, aciddy, clubby beats, with a lot of BASS added ofcourse! Ofcourse, all tracks are arranged, tranced and raved by... The staff @ Debonaire Productions!! That's right: it's Debonaire Music!

Here is a good example of what to expect:

Debonaire himself called it "rave era car audio bass (3 out of 10 stars)". OK, maybe not his best work but a real sign of the times though, which is fun about listening to these cd's... Remember TLC's "No scrubs"?

I think this has to be the best track off this cd: "Twistology" featuring Mr "Girls get ill" Kool Slic...


  1. Can you upload "Club bass - Twistology" somewhere?Damn, I think it's FANTASTIC-)

    1. http://www80.zippyshare.com/v/TJedSgE5/file.html