Feb 19, 2014

Megajon Bass - Human And Electronic

Electronic bass...

Megajon, Megajon... this guy drops beats faster than we can listen to them... In 2012 he was the "Super Hero From The Hood". In 2013 he brought the "Return Of Miami Bass". And now, 2014 just started and he's dropping bassbombs again "Human And Electronic"! As the title clearly states the album does sound a little more electronic than pure Miami bass. Take a listen:

Also included is a new version of the classic "Dance Transformer" tune (you can also find a remix to this track on E-Rocker's "Electro Funk Machines" release!)

And a reworked version of The Glove's "Reckless"!

I don't know... my favorite might be "Mega Mix 3 C Da Light"... but ofcourse it's very difficult picking a favorite out of so many great jams...

Just buy the whole thing man. The easiest way to do that is getting it from Megajon's bandcamp page right here:


On that note I'll leave you with some straight fast Miami style: "The Beat Goes on"

Knowing Megajon I'm sure it will!!

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