Sep 25, 2015

Bass Mekanik - The Main Event

Brought to you by Incriminator Audio!

Good news for the bassheads who like Bass Mekanik AND who like to get their hands on a good old-fashioned cd. Thanks to the great people over at Incriminator Audio we get a selection of 10 songs taken from the latest Bass Mekanik release "Power", plus some boomchecks, sweeps and test tones.

You see this?

So go to the Incriminator website in a hurry and GET IT!


Sep 13, 2015

Bass Creations - Volume 2

DJ Bass-Robot-With-A-Gun

is in FULL effect! Another 15 bass creations by Dave Rajput & Mickey Oliver for Bass Creations Productions

We also have guest appearances by Marvelous J.C. (aka Styles from Styles & the J.I.Z.) & the DJ Times International DJ Expo Champion, Albert Lineses III


Yeah this Scarface Records release is quite "Krafty"...


Cover design & graphics by Todd Smith


And more features; this time from Rene & Danny Delgadillo and Tony Montana?


Sep 10, 2015

Bass Quake - Bass After Shock

Frequencies galore


A good Neurodisc release with an even better cover by Luis Garcia for Luroga Design Florida! This release really distinguishes itself from the other Neurodisc releases because of the artwork. If you didn't know already, Luis Garcia is the man who did a great amount of covers for Joey Boy releases. 

Let me now show you why I call this "frequencies galore"... check this out:

Can you feel it? Or this one:

One more:

Good ain't it? I really like the lettering Luis Garcia did here!

That will be all for now...

Sep 7, 2015

Boom-Master R.G.B. - Fuzion Bass

Straight to the bottom


Will we ever find out how many bass albums have been released on god's green earth? I doubt it! What do we have now; "Boom-Master R.G.B."... I don't know what to say anymore... I think it's best if you just take a listen yourself... not bad though, that's not what I'm saying... but then again I didn't say anything, because I didn't know what to say anymore...



Oh yeah, before I forget; the art direction was done by Aldo Sampieri and the computer illustration by Fred Magyar.

Oh yeah, this is a rather funky track! (hence the title ofcourse, duh!)


Sep 6, 2015

DJ Billy E - Baddest Bass Beats

"Just dropped this compilation of some of the baddest beats I have produced for Bass Mekanik"

And that is all Billy E posted on facebook. A small post on his page, and that was it. Maaan, this guy is just too humble! Have you heard "Beatz a rok'n"? "Six blok bass"? "Bass bad bwoy"? "Ghetto blasta"? You did? Well then you know I'm not bullshitting when I tell you these are monster bass jamz! You didn't? Then you really missed out on some of the dopest bass joints ever created! But that's were this compilation comes in handy, because now you can catch up and get these in your ride!

The iThing, Amazon, beatport, whichever site you prefer. More than enough choices.

In the meantime listen to the preview brought by our good friends over at KKBox Taiwan...