Mar 29, 2013

DJ Nasty Knock - Show Me The Money

Featuring The Get Nasty Girls

This is the Japanese release of a CD that was originally released by Street Street Music out of Atlanta, GA in 1997 (SSM31011-2). I personally feel the Japanese cover (illustrated by Kazunori Okuyama) looks way cooler than the original one:

Musically we get the same tracks as on the US version + 3 extra! The original CD was very good anyhow, so we can't go wrong with this one. Here are 2 of my favorite jams:

3. Doo doo brown

and 5. Bass express

These are the 3 bonus tracks:

15. Bass test tone (Sweep sign)
16. Sex (Instrumental)
17. Show me the money (Instrumental)

Now that you have the jams, maybe you want to learn how to do them Nasty Miami bass dances???

Mar 24, 2013

DJ Laz - The Latin Album

Plus free bonus DVD!

I guess the title speaks for itself; a compilation of his latin hits like "Mami El Negro", "Ki ki ri bu", "Esa Morena" and more. There's also a "hidden" bonus track which I will share with you all here (I don't know what's so hidden about it when they tell us on the cover?):

Also included is a free bonus dvd. On this dvd we get offered 6 videos:


Hasta la próxima!

Mar 19, 2013

Miami Freestyle Hits

℗ & © 1999 Miami Bass Records

I hope that's good enough to make it to this blog? I mean, I know it's not a bass cd but it's a "Miami Bass Records" release, the music is OK (better than a lot of those Japanese "bass" cd's) AND I like the cover (artwork by Thomas Babel). It gives me this holiday feeling, just like this one.  Here we get one 1/2 American releases (Metropolitan) and one 1/2 German stuff. "Check, check it out y'all"...


Mar 11, 2013

The Puppies - Recognize

Big Boy & Tamara Dee are the PUPPIES

But something tells me you already knew that. This is the Japanese "Cutting Edge" release of their second album. All tracks produced by Calvin L Mills II & Carlton Mills. If you're a Puppies fan you're probably gonna like this cd, but if you're not a Puppies fan you're probably not gonna like this cd...

Find some more Puppies on YouTube HERE

Artwork for this release is done by Katsuya Uehara for Body Blow Graphics

Mar 9, 2013

Bass Patrol! Extra - Euro Bass!


I could have known this was gonna be crap ofcourse! The name "Euro bass" didn't promise too much good, and then the "cute" manga style cover also gave it away... But still, I'm a sucker for the "Bass Patrol!" series so I went ahead and bought it. Well, it can go straight to the archives! For a group that calls themselves the "Boom Sonic System"... I calculated it; the average length that a song MIGHT become a bass records is 28,9 seconds!! After that... 
Take a listen to this prime example, and prepare to turn down your volume at about 0:33 in

You see? "I ain't bullshitting". At least the designers gave it their best. The sleeve is designed by Katsuya Uehara and the illustration is done by Kazunori Nakazawa. If you want to do the math yourself, or maybe you like this kind of music, no problem for me, just go OVERHERE.


Mar 2, 2013

Bass Yarou (Spin Off) - Biggest Martial Arts Sounds

Voyage episode

Finally! Good artwork and good music; a combination hard to find... Here we have 22 real bass tracks from Neurodisc and Newtown. 
A selection:

And there's more where that came from. Take a look HERE.

Mar 1, 2013

Maggotron - This ain't the bass that ate Miami

"The Doppelganger is making it's way towards us... Quad help us all....." 
 - Maggotron (February 2, 2013)